You need to be careful when buying a car. The last of the five joint venture brands with the worst quality has hurt many people

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Buying a car requires caution , The worst quality 5 Big joint venture brand , The last one has killed a lot of people !

NO.5 Land rover

The Land Rover brand , In fact, the reputation in the domestic market is not very good , Basically, the people who drive Land Rover are upstarts or local tyrants , In fact, there is no big problem with this brand , However, due to the high price and fuel consumption, it was once liked by some local tyrants and upstarts , Yes, of course , Land Rover is also the most popular car for many men , After all, stepping on the accelerator is a few dollars , Not to mention hundreds of kilometers , Thousands of kilometers , That's also a big expense . So men especially want to have such economic strength to bear the expenses of such a car , To put it bluntly, the people who can afford Land Rover are basically financially well-off , Why can this brand be favored ? Not just from his upstart 、 Attracted by the characteristics of local tyrants , More in the building of the body . We know that the road of Land Rover is rather bumpy , It used to be a brand with very low sales in China , Since it was acquired by Tata company in India , Launch... To the Chinese market , To put it bluntly, it is a special model for local tyrants , The appearance is very grand 、 The interior space is also very luxurious , What is revealed to people as a whole is a luxurious atmosphere , So the Land Rover brand relies on creating a luxurious atmosphere , Attract consumers . After Tata took over from India, the Land Rover brand has come back to life , At the same time, it is also a model supported by domestic tyrants , But the quality of Land Rover models can be said to be very poor , The failure rate is very high , Especially in the engine , The small problems are very serious , It is also a brand of car models that make complaints about Tucao. , But at present, it is a symbol of identity in China , So many people chose Land Rover , But many people make complaints about running Tucao regularly. .

NO.4 Citroen

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