Beijing Metro Line 1 and Batong line will be put into operation soon

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[ Car home   information ]  8 month 26 Japan , We learned from the Beijing daily official that , To ensure 1 Line 1 and Batong line have successfully realized cross line operation , Beijing Metro Company 8 month 28 It will be implemented on Saturday evening 1 Cross line reverse connection project between line 1 and Batong line .

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When the ,1 Sihui East Station of line 2 、 The last bus at Gucheng station and the last bus at Batong Line global resort station arrived late in advance 10 spot , The last bus at Sihui station arrived late in advance 10:30,1 The time of the last train at other stations of line and Batong line will also be adjusted accordingly .

1 After the cross line operation of line 1 and Batong Line , Sihui station and Sihui East Station will change from the departure station to the intermediate station , Change from transfer station to ordinary station , Passengers do not need to change at Sihui station and Sihui East Station You can go directly from Gucheng station to global resort station , The whole journey takes about 85 minute . Existing Sihui East Railway Station 1 The platforms of line and Batong line of Sihui station will be closed .

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according to the understanding of , In order to further improve transportation efficiency , Meet the travel needs of passengers , The subway company has newly compiled 1 Cross line operation diagram of Batong line of line , Adopt the operation mode of implementing large and small routing routine during the morning and evening peak hours on weekdays , Large routing ( The train runs between two terminal stations of the line ) Cross with Xiaolu ( The train runs in a certain section of the line ) Collinear operation . The Xiaojiao road in the morning peak is from Guoyuan station to Gongzhufen station , The evening peak Xiaojiao road is from Gucheng station to orchard station . Minimum headway during morning peak hours 1 branch 45 second , Minimum headway at night peak 2 branch 20 second .

In order to minimize the impact of the cross line reverse connection project on passenger travel , The subway company has repeatedly demonstrated , The construction organization plan is formulated 、 Operation organization support plan and emergency support plan , And will make full use of all station announcements 、 Radio and official website 、 Microblogging 、 WeChat 、App And other ways to release relevant information . Please arrange the travel time in advance , If you need help, you can call the subway service hotline in time 96165 Or contact the official microblog of Beijing Metro 、 Official WeChat official account .

Besides , The municipal public transport group has also formulated a special public transport guarantee scheme , On the basis of normal capacity arrangement , Will increase the evening 22 Capacity allocation after point , For those passing through Chang'an Street 1 road 、 night 1 road 、337 road , Via Jingtong Expressway 、 Jianguo Road 322 road 、666 road 、668 road 、 night 27 Road and other key lines , Plan to increase mobile transport capacity , Encrypt the night departure interval , Ensure the evening travel demand of passengers .( Source : Beijing daily ; compile / Car home Zhouyi )

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