Zero run S01 is not only invincible in appearance, but also superior in performance

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zero run s01 invincible appearance

I float for a moment , A journey of mountains and rivers, a year , A flower must have a world , One song must have one Acacia , Time slips by inadvertently . In this era of self-worth and justice , Whether a car looks good has become one of the important decisive factors for people to buy a car . The purchase of a car starts with the appearance , Performance , Finally safe . Zero run S01 Not only has a young and fashionable appearance , also “ The sports car ” Like speed and passion , And ultra-high safety performance , It is a cost-effective pure electric coupe .

Zero run S01 The biggest feature of the appearance of this new energy vehicle product is the flying fish waist line design 、 Frameless door design 、 Design of floating roof of yacht , Driving in the street full of turning back , It's very windy . However, from the front face , Give you a different visual effect . The design of shield front face is unique , It is decorated with black baking paint , Make the whole front face look full of Technology . The effect of the side of the body is particularly personalized , Fenglang waistline connects the head and tail , Highlight the unique temperament of this sedan . The rear design of the car is also very fashionable and cool , The tail lamp adopts transverse design , The interior is designed with point light source , The lighting effect is excellent , The overall appearance value of the car is very high .

motivation , Zero run S01 Equipped with a permanent magnet synchronous motor , Power is 125kW, Peak torque is 250N·m, Plus a gearbox with a fixed transmission ratio , It brings good power performance to the whole vehicle . According to relevant tests , Zero run S01 The response of the motor is very fast , Press the switch , You'll soon feel the speed of the wind , The push back is strong , Steering wheel vacancy is very small , The directivity of the front is accurate , Turn cleanly . Besides , Zero run S01 It also has a sports car driving experience ,0-100km/h Speed up 6.9 second ,0-50km/h Speed up 2.6 second , Have “ The sports car ” Like speed and passion .

security , Zero run S01 In order to ensure the driving safety of cars , Equipped with primary and co pilot airbags 、 Seatbelt unbelted reminder 、 Safety seat interface 、 Brake assist 、 Lane departure warning system 、 Fatigue driving tips and other very rich safety configurations .

All in all , Zero run S01, Not only is your appearance invincible , The performance is also superior , It also has rich security configuration , It is a pure tram with high cost performance .

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