Is this car more beautiful than Tiguan l? Guandao recently offered a maximum discount of 2000 yuan, starting from 218000 yuan

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car beautiful tiguan guandao recently

A car dealer in Chongqing recently announced The favorable market of Guandao in the region : At present, the highest discount for car purchase on Guandao 0.2 Ten thousand yuan ,21.80 From ten thousand yuan , The specific selling price information is shown in the figure below :

Review the basic situation of the crown road . aesthetic , The overall design of the car is relatively round , It looks simple and honest , Polygonal air inlet grille is adopted for the front part of the vehicle , It is filled with transverse medium mesh shape , Silver Chrome in the top half extends to both sides , Through the interior of the lamp cavity of the headlamp group , So that the front of the car has a good visual impact . The lines on the side of the car body are very rich , A strong sense of muscle , High configuration models can also choose two-color body , Look younger , The gas field created by the whole vehicle is not inferior to that of hanlanda 、 View of path L they . The rear adopts a bilateral four outlet exhaust layout , It looks more stocky , More sports . The tail lights were blackened , Through chrome trim adds beauty . The overall design of the central control part creates a good sense of grade , Wood grain trim panels and leather trim panels are added to many details in the car , Improved the overall texture of the car , The central control part adopts symmetrical design , The lines on both sides slide slightly , Make the interior space look more comfortable , The suspended central control display is embedded in the center of the central console , Smaller size , But it has all the functions , Smooth response , The sense of technology in the car has been effectively improved , The physical keys below are arranged in a compact way , It looks very exquisite , The three spoke multifunction steering wheel adopts the traditional circular design , Silver Chrome plating and stitching are added to decorate , It looks very textured , In addition, the car adopts key shift mechanism . motivation , Honda crown road offers two engines with different displacement , Respectively 1.5T Turbocharged engines and 2.0T Turbocharged engine , The maximum power is respectively 193 Horsepower and 272 horsepower , The maximum torque is 243 Niumi and 370 Cattle meters , The transmission system matches 9 Automatic transmission and CVT transmission . Configuration has improved a lot , Equipped with blind zone monitoring and active braking . The dashboard is larger and more delicate than the old model , However, the display size of the trip computer is still small , There are not many functions . In order to facilitate the driver's operation and use , Driving aids are concentrated on the lower left side of the steering wheel , Easier to use . The space in the second row is still very wide , And the floor is designed to be completely flat , The passengers in the back row are not uncomfortable . The seat filler is thick , So it feels very good to sit on it .

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