Does Dazhong Tiguan l still smell good? I regret not buying the fifth generation Tousheng l earlier

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dazhong tiguan smell good regret

Domestic consumers have always had an obvious preference for buying cars , The most obvious thing is that I like big cars , So now the name has “L” There are more and more models , They generally have an extended body size , The space performance is more impressive , In particular, overseas models are introduced into China , Longer processing means a better chance of winning . And in the mainstream SUV market , Named with “L” There are more than a few models , For example, the fifth generation Tucson, which has experienced a new generation this year L( Parameter picture ), And the new Tiguan L.

In fact, the two models differ in level , The fifth generation Tucson L It belongs to the compact level , But thanks to the spatial upgrade , In terms of size, it can compete with higher-level models . And the new Tiguan L After upgrading, the overall style is also younger , With the fifth generation Tucson L The consumer groups have overlapped , So for consumers , Intermediate new Tiguan L Must it be more worth choosing ?

The most important part of choosing a car is to look at your appearance , After all, beauty affects consumers' first impression of a car . And the fifth generation Tucson L It has an obvious exquisite style , Whether it's the parametric diamond grille on the front face 、 Hidden LED Day light , Or the parametric waistline on the side 、 Through tail lights at the rear , It basically includes all the popular elements that can be thought of nowadays , And create on this basis , Make its appearance more recognizable . On the beauty level , The fifth generation Tucson L There is a good chance of winning .

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