New Porsche taycan releases more configurations / more paint

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new porsche taycan releases configurations

Phoenix Auto News New Porsche Taycan and Taycan Cross Got the latest upgrade , Consumers can get more body colors . It is reported that , The new model will be on the market soon .

The new Taycan The power system has better thermal management and charging functions . These include Turbo Charging Planner, It reduces the charging time by allowing faster charging earlier and heating the battery at a higher charging level . however , Porsche didn't explain Taycan How fast is your charging speed . Besides , The vehicle can collect excess heat from electronic components , To better regulate the battery temperature .

If consumers want to be more fashionable , You can use the new optional Paint to Sample and Paint to Sample Plus Two paragraphs “ palette ”.Paint to Sample Provide 65 Color , Including Vintage tones , Like moonlight blue metal 、 Acid green 、 Riviera Blue and Viola metallic . choice Paint to Sample Plus Then customers can get any conceivable color .

Besides ,Taycan Remote park assist can now be selected . The system allows the car to enter or leave the parking space without a driver . It can even handle parallel parking . The owner can activate this function from inside the vehicle , Then get off , Let the system control . perhaps , Consumers can do all this through smartphones .

Besides , The car's infotainment system now supports Android Auto, But it's not a wireless version , Therefore, car owners still need to plug their smartphones into USB-C Interface . For a valuable vehicle , This is really a little unreasonable .

Porsche has also updated Voice Pilot Voice assistant , In order to better understand the instructions . Besides , According to Porsche , The computing speed of satellite navigation system is faster , And redesigned the graphics , Make it easier to understand .( compile : Cyber )

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