2022 Volkswagen Tiguan l to the store. The silver body is very advanced, and the interior is vibrant. The whole series is 2.0T!

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volkswagen tiguan store. store silver

Joint venture in China SUV In the model market , There have always been some powerful models , View of the public way L It is a very good medium-sized car owned by SAIC Volkswagen SUV, After the car entered the market, its performance was relatively ideal , And the competitiveness has been maintained very well . With the increasingly fierce competition in the market , Many models are upgrading to enhance their competitiveness , Not long ago ,2022 The way to the public L It's officially on the market , At present, new cars have arrived at the store , Today's good car recommendation is :2022 The way to the public L.

2022 The way to the public L Young fashion of appearance design , The style of air intake grille is very generous , The surrounding lines describe very smoothly , The multi banner Chinese net is dotted with chrome plated decorative strips , A slender light band is decorated in the middle , And full headlights are highly recognizable after they are lit , The diffuser on both sides is designed appropriately , The perimeter is decorated C Zigzag trim , The air inlet in the middle is quite wide , And decorated with bright black medium mesh .

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