Wuling Xingchen officially went offline and the first silver standard SUV is expected to be listed within this year

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wuling xingchen officially went offline

The waist line on the side of the vehicle body extends from the position of the headlights to the rear of the vehicle , The tail lamp shape echoes with the head lamp from afar , In the center of the rear of the vehicle, letters are used Logo set . The overall body design is harmonious and unified , It has a certain texture . Body size , The length, width and height of new cars are respectively 4594/1820/1740mm, The wheelbase is 2750mm.

Besides , Wuling star adopts the general global manufacturing system BIQ 4 The highest standard of class , Large area selection of high-strength steel materials and hot formed parts , The torsional stiffness of the body is up to 20000N.m/deg. Before offline , The stars go through super 500 Item quality inspection ; Before warehousing, simulate the user's car scene , Test hundreds of experience scenes .

The interior of the new car adopts 10.25 Inch suspended HD central control screen and through hidden central air outlet , And uses a flat bottom steering wheel , A sense of technology has improved .

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