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[ Car home   information ]  8 month 26 Japan , We learned from the Beijing daily official that , With 8 month 26 Beijing Subway “ Universal Resort Station ” Put into use , The transportation service of Beijing Universal resort is improving day by day . Including connecting the railway station 、 Two subway lines at the airport , There are two expressways directly leading to and around Beijing , Two bus lines convenient for local tourists , And parking facilities that can accommodate more than 10000 vehicles at the same time , It will provide convenient travel experience for visitors from Beijing global resort . During the internal pressure test and commissioning of universal Beijing resort , Beijing Universal Studios theme park 、 Beijing Universal City Avenue and two resort hotels ―― Globe Studios Hotel 、 Nuojin resort is open only to invited guests .

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Diversified transportation modes , Direct access to Beijing Universal Resort

Beijing subway “ Universal Resort Station ” It is a supporting construction project for Beijing Universal resort , It is connected with Beijing Metro Line 7 and Batong line , Tourists to Beijing Universal Resort , You can choose to take the subway and get off at this station , from B、C、D Walk about... From the exit 7 Minutes to the security inspection office at the entrance of Global City Avenue in Beijing .

Beijing Universal Resort and Beijing Capital International Airport 、 Beijing Daxing International Airport 、 Beijing station 、 Beijing West Railway Station 、 Beijing South Railway Station is connected by rail transit , Tourists arriving in Beijing by plane or train , You can go to by rail transit .

Beijing Universal resort is located in Tongzhou District, Beijing , It is adjacent to the East Sixth Ring Road and Beijing Harbin expressway . at present , Beijing Harbin Expressway “ Tianjiafu railway station ” And the Sixth Ring Road “ Zhangjiawan North Railway Station ” Both exits are also enabled ,“ Self driving family ” And choose to take a taxi 、 online car-hailing 、 Tour bus 、 Tourists on tourist buses , You can choose to drive out at this exit to enter Beijing Universal resort .

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Public transport , Visitors can choose 589 Luhe T116 Two bus lines arrive at Beijing global resort . Besides , Surrounding tourists can walk along the pedestrian road on the South Bank of the landscape water system of Beijing Universal resort to Beijing Universal City Avenue .

Professional parking facilities , Provide humanized supporting services

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In order to ensure the smooth operation after the opening of the park , Beijing Universal resort has three large parking areas , It can park tens of thousands of cars at the same time . The convenience of the parking area is taken into account at the beginning of construction , use “ Quick stop ” Design parking space , Avoid vehicles “ Back into the Treasury ”, So as to save tourists' parking time . among , Total parking buildings in Beijing Universal Resort 6 layer , Equipped with 6540 A parking space , It is the largest single parking building in Beijing . A ground parking lot is built adjacent to the parking building , Can provide 2772 A parking space .

besides , Universal Beijing resort has also opened a special 1447 A spare parking lot with two parking spaces , To meet the parking demand on peak days of passenger flow during internal pressure test and trial operation . To meet the diversified parking needs of tourists , Universal Beijing resort offers different prices 、 Different types of parking services .

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among , Tourists who choose ordinary parking or preferential parking service , You can drive into the parking area after paying at the toll plaza of the parking building , Enjoy unlimited service during daily business hours . The Youxiang parking area is located in the parking building closest to the pedestrian bridge of Beijing Huanqiu City Avenue , Visitors can start the exploration tour as soon as possible after parking .

Besides , For the convenience of electric vehicles 、 Parking demand for disabled vehicles , The basement of the parking building is equipped with 477 Charge point , On the second floor above the ground 192 Disabled parking spaces , Among them, parking spaces for the disabled can be used by the disabled free of charge . Visitors can also park their vehicles in their own 326 A parking space 、 Car park nearest front gate of Beijing Universal Studios theme park. , The parking lot is located on the west side of the entrance of Universal City Avenue in Beijing , Visitors only need to hand over their keys to the parking attendant upon arrival , You can start the journey of exploration , The fee will be paid at the time of collection .

Except private car parking area , Universal Beijing resort is located near the pedestrian hub of universal Beijing City Avenue , There is also a bus hub 、 Taxi loading and unloading area and bus parking lot . among , Tourist bus parking area 209 A parking space , Vehicles can enjoy access 30 Free boarding and alighting service within minutes .

Universal Beijing resort has set up a special pick-up and drop off area for tourists taking online car hailing and temporary pick-up and drop off by private cars , Only from the security inspection area of the pedestrian hub 50 rice , Vehicles can enjoy free boarding and alighting services in this area . Besides , Universal Beijing resort also set up a private bicycle and shared bicycle parking area in the west of the first floor of the parking building , Satisfy “ Cyclists ” Parking demand .

Miao Lewen, President and general manager of theme park and Resort Management Branch of Beijing International Resort Co., Ltd (Tom Mehrmann) Express :“ We adhere to the high standard of building a world-class theme park resort , It is not only equipped with perfect transportation and parking facilities , It will also enhance the tourist experience with high-quality services .”

future , Universal Beijing resort will continue to work closely with relevant government departments , Real time passenger flow monitoring using traffic intelligent management platform , Various methods are used to dredge passenger flow during peak periods , To ensure the smooth and orderly operation of Beijing Universal resort . With supporting transportation 、 Putting into use and continuous improvement of parking facilities , Universal Beijing resort will present a theme park holiday destination with excellent quality and experience for global tourists .( Source : Beijing daily ; compile / Car home Zhouyi )

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