In a few days, the new Baojun electric vehicle will be on the market with a endurance of 305km and an order of 3000 units a week

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days new baojun electric vehicle

Mini car is one of the most popular segments in the new energy market , In this year 7 In the sales ranking in January , Changan Benben EV、 Colleway CLEVER、 Small ants and other micro new energy vehicles , To surpass 5 Sales of thousands of vehicles , Occupy the top several of the market . however , The starting threshold of these cars is 5 Ten thousand yuan of the following . And take the medium and high-end route and the starting price is more than 6 There are few choices for 10000 yuan of new energy mini cars , This gives many consumers who pursue high-quality travel a headache , Except that Euler white and black cats are well known , Maybe it belongs to Baojun KiWi EV The most famous .

baojun KiWi EV And Euler black cat 、 The price positioning of white cat is still a little close , The preemptive price is 6.98-7.88 ten thousand . The difference is ,KiWi EV Since its debut at Shanghai auto show in the first half of the year , The beauty full of technology and fashion will attract the favor of many young people , And every subsequent exposure of certain product information , Can cause a lot of heated discussion , So that after the new car appeared , The heat and topic degree have been kept at a certain height , It has a high reputation in the car market before it is listed , It was pre sold for a week , The order volume will break through 3000 car , Compared with Euler's monthly sales of white and black cats 2000 The level of the car , It's really better .

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