Don't wait and see. The whole series of 2019 Chevrolet has dropped by 42000, and the number of naked cars has dropped to 97900

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don wait see. series chevrolet

In recent days, , We had a shop visit in Luoyang, Henan Province . according to the understanding of 2019 paragraph Chevrolet ventures is selling at a profit , At present, the discount of the whole department is 4.2 Ten thousand yuan , Naked car prices as low as 9.79 Ten thousand yuan . We also photographed 2019 A real car map of Chevrolet creation , Let's see .

aesthetic ,2019 The Chevrolet creation style is tough , It's a model of a beautiful muscle car . Front part , The unique banner air inlet grille design is adopted , It has a relatively significant degree of identification . The design and modeling of headlight groups on both sides have a strong impact , The internal light source has LED Design of daytime running lamp , It has good practicability . The surrounding area ahead , The materials are thick , The whole has strong protection .

The body side , Muscle lines are more prominent , Make the side stronger . The window line part is painted in black , The top extends back , Create the effect of suspended roof . Wheel hub part , A multi amplitude design is adopted .

Tail shape , It is very strong under the segmentation of lines , It has a relatively broad design . The tail lamp part echoes with the headlamp group , Good recognition when lit . Exhaust layout , The layout design of two sides and two outlets is adopted .

The interior , The overall design follows the simple design of American vehicles . The embedded large central control screen has complete functions 、 The LCD driving display creates a good scientific and technological atmosphere for the vehicle . Details , It is decorated with silver trim and wrapped with a large area of soft leather , The grade of the vehicle interior has been significantly improved .

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