12 points will be deducted if the owner chooses to reverse when he mistakenly enters "etc" at high speed? Remember to do this

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points deducted owner chooses reverse

Now, due to the continuous improvement of people's requirements for living standards and quality of life , Everyone is pursuing a higher lifestyle . For example, now the standard configuration of each family is about room and car , House prices have been high , But every family must have a harbor when they are combined , This is our home , So for things like buying a house with a loan , Everyone can understand , But in order to facilitate their travel , The number of private cars is also increasing . Therefore, many people choose to get a driver's license in their spare time life , For their own more convenient travel .

But now the driver's license is not so good , Many car owners may not be able to meet the driving standards after obtaining their driving license , Many car owners' driving skills are sloppy . Therefore, it is not uncommon that wonderful events often occur . Like a high-speed misentry ETC Such things as channels are particularly common .

Many drivers may be on a business trip , Because I don't know the route in other places , So I installed... In my car ETC. High speed misentry “ETC” passageway , The owner chose to back up and buckle 12 branch ? Remember to do this ! Maybe a lot of people don't know ETC What is it for , Actually ETC It is a special charging method for those who often cross the highway . On the highway, such cars don't have to stop , You can take pictures directly through .

But many people don't know how to use this channel , But you can see other cars directly through , Many drivers pass at no charge , So I followed ETC. High speed misentry “ETC” What about the passage ? Don't rush back yet , That's what old drivers do ! So there is a high-speed misentry ETC Such things as channels , So what happened , What should we do ? After all, I didn't mean to .

But it's also not allowed to reverse at high speed , Once you back up 12 Points will be deducted . But you may not know that the high-speed toll station is not already on the high-speed , Actually, it means you haven't been on the highway yet , It's just driving out of high-speed intersections and ramps , So we can turn around , Pass the normal toll intersection again , But also consult the relevant road administration staff , Do not operate until you get a reply .

But at the intersection of many toll stations, there will be signs to prohibit turning or reversing , If in this case , If we force our operation, we will be deducted points and fined , But we have to explain to the staff at this time , Let the staff help us coordinate . General staff will have temporary ETC card . It can be seen that we are entering ETC In the passage , And don't be too nervous , Be sure to consult the administrative staff , Don't solve it yourself . I don't know if you have such a mistake ETC What about the situation ?

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