Take the service station as the window: explore the after-sales service strength of Weichai guoliu

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service station window explore after-sales

As the most stringent emission standard in history , The full implementation of national six not only requires the comprehensive upgrading of commercial vehicle product technology , At the same time, it also puts forward new requirements for the after-sales service business of major enterprises . In order to improve the overall after-sales service capacity of China's sixth stage , In recent years, Weichai's personnel 、 equipment 、 Careful preparation has been made in terms of parts supply , How effective are these preparations , The service station is the most intuitive window .

In recent days, , Shangchebang visited an after-sales service station of Weichai in Beijing —— Yunhao car service . Its parent company, Yunhao group, was established in 1999 year , It's a family with 20 An old service station with a history of more than years , Has been undertaking the after-sales service guarantee of Weichai engine in Beijing . In Beijing, the first area in China to implement national six emission , How does Yunhao car service deal with a series of challenges brought by the after-sales service of national six ? In practice , How does Yunhao car service implement Weichai's service concept , To provide timely and professional after-sales service for national six end users ? Please look at the survey report from the front line of the market .

Intelligent detection and maintenance equipment are available

After entering the era of national six , Compared with national five products , The structure of national VI engine and post-processing system is more complex , More sensors , This leads to more potential failure points . Just as a third class hospital cannot do without a large number of high-end testing instruments , A large service station is also inseparable from the all-round blessing of advanced testing instruments , What's more, in the face of more complex national six engine products .

LAN Shujun, maintenance manager of Beijing Yunhao car service, showed a variety of advanced Weichai guoliu testing and maintenance equipment

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