The price of 100000 yuan is not only the selfie shadow leopard and MG6 Pro explain why "understanding is more important than love"

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price yuan selfie shadow leopard

Ten years ago , When we're looking for sports “ Small steel cannon ” when , The only thing that comes into view is golf 、 The civic 、 A joint venture like fox ... But times have changed , With the development of independent brands , And the accumulation of corresponding technologies , Nowadays, we have a wide range of sports cars to choose from , Especially the recently popular GAC motor in the whole network Shadow leopard 、MG6 Pro Wait for the new generation sports car , It also received olive branches thrown by the majority of young consumers . So these sports cars growing up with the new generation of Chinese young people , What are the characteristics of creating sporty elements , Let's see what they have “ magic power ”, And which new cars in the same class can be bought ? Better understand the shadow leopard of Chinese users, although it is far from the launch of new cars (8 month 1 Japan ) Not for long , But the heat of shadow leopard is almost more than that of all old strong teams . in my opinion , On the one hand, the appearance design of the new car is enough to attract attention , For example, the sharp outline of the lamp group 、 A lot of carbon fiber texture 、 Double side double outlet four exhaust funnel, etc .

On the other hand , The shadow leopard has become “ Steel cannon ” Bottom gas . In terms of parameters , This one carried by shadow leopard 1.5T The engine , Maximum power is 177 horsepower , And homesickness 220 TURBO The models are the same , But at peak torque , The former is higher than 50 cattle · rice . Never underestimate this 50 cattle · rice , It can effectively improve the performance of small displacement turbine engine at low torque , From the official data , Shadow leopard 0-100km/h The acceleration time is only 6.95 second , And Civic 220 TURBO The model is to 9.6 second .

in addition , Before that, there was news that , Shadow leopard will launch in the future 2.0T Version of the model , If this rumor is confirmed , So the shadow leopard “ Steel cannon ” status , Will take it to the next level . Need to know , At present, there is only golf among the three elders in the steel gun industry GTI Also in the use of 2.0T The engine , But its price has exceeded 20 Million yuan customs clearance . Except for vision 、 In addition to the stimulation of power , Shadow leopard also prepared a for young consumers “ generous gift ”, It is an exhaust valve with active opening function . With it , Even Kitty can become the lion king in seconds , Compared with the closed state, the sound wave will have a qualitative improvement , No less than those real performance cars .

Super high level of appearance 、 Less than 7 Zero hundred second acceleration 、 Sexy sound , This one is likely to become the shadow leopard of the first brother of domestic civilian steel gun , The current official guidance price is 9.83 ten thousand -12.8 Ten thousand yuan . In a popular sentence on the Internet : In the adult world , Understanding is more important than love , The shadow leopard is a model that understands the hearts of Chinese users . Of course , As the saying goes “ The radish cabbage , His taste ”, Although the shadow leopard is very hot , But not everyone can embrace it . So besides the shadow leopard , Do we still have B plan 、C plan ......?MG6 Pro I'm on a par with shadow leopard when I first started out. Let's see again. It's not “ Full moon ” Famous Baron 6 Pro.

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