Who would you choose in the competition between the 200000 class five seater SUV, Buick oncoway plus and Honda crown road

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choose competition class seater suv

In medium SUV Inside , The positioning of Buick oncoway seems a little awkward , People have the impression that the Sino American car should be broad and rough , But as a medium SUV The length of the ankovi's body is less than 4.7 rice , And the same level Honda crown road has exceeded 4.8 rice . Sorry, Buick finally this year 6 In June, ankoway was launched Plus, Lengthen the body and wheelbase , Your appearance has also been improved , Compared with Honda crown Road, it is not downwind . American sports and Japanese Junlang , How to choose between the two cars , Let's take a look at the highlights of them .

Appearance design , Leon coldwell Plus It adopts a new design language , The body is wider and lower , With smooth lines and rough shapes , The overall design is fashionable and atmospheric , The beauty is very high . In detail , The front face of the new car is equipped with through wing air inlet grille , The chrome plated decorative strip extends from the logo to both sides and penetrates into the headlamp , Expand the visual effect of the front face ; The headlights have a dynamic effect , More visual beauty .

The appearance design of Honda crown road is also very eye-catching , The body lines are beautiful and smooth , Elegant and fashionable , It is also equipped with a two-color body and a tail with a big sliding back , A little bit more Coupe A sense of movement . Details , The crown road adopts the family's spread wing front face , Front grille with wide chrome strip , The headlights on both sides are long and beautiful , Very trendy .

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