Mazda is developing a hydrogen fuel engine that burns hydrogen to power cars

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mazda developing hydrogen fuel engine

According to foreign media , Mazda is developing Wankel (Wankel) The engine , Used for RX-8 Subsequent models provide the required power .

Now? , This engine is in its infancy , But there are many advantages . One of the weaknesses of hydrogen is the possibility of ignition at hot spots . according to the understanding of , There are no hot spots in this Wankel engine , Because it uses a rotor , Not a piston , So it's very suitable for burning hydrogen , And there are no related security risks .

For this technical problem , Burning hydrogen is rare , Many car companies use hydrogen fuel to generate electricity , Then one or more motors are driven electrically . Of course , This is not without precedent , Mazda is in 2000 Age testing and even renting experimental RX-8, It is equipped with an engine that can use gasoline and hydrogen . however , This system occupies the whole trunk of the car , Weighing 200 pounds . This engine is even used in some test Mazda5 Mini vans . In recent days, , Toyota built a corolla endurance car , Powered by a hydrogen burning turbocharged three cylinder engine .

In recent days, , There is no information about what model this engine will be used for . May be RX-Vision Concept coupe , This model will be available this year 8 May appear in the trademark application , It may be listed as a hybrid vehicle with a pair of in wheel motors . If it looks like 2015 Similar to the concept car in , Fans will be happy that it is RX-8 Successor .

An unnamed person in charge of Mazda said , If Mazda decides to do this , Its prototype may be in 3 Finish in a year . It is most likely to be a system combined with an electric turbine . It's not difficult to prototype , Develop a compelling business case , It's very difficult to . Final , Whether the project can obtain production license , It depends on the development cost , And the number of car buyers .

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