About 100000 to buy electric cars? It's right to choose from these seven cars. There's face and lining!

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buy electric cars right choose

electric vehicle , We are no longer strangers to today . Electric vehicles are developing rapidly , Want to experience something new , More and more consumers have focused on pure electric vehicles . But there are still some consumers , Their choice of electric cars is actually “ The forced ”.

Due to the purchase restriction policy , There are many small partners who can only give up fuel cars , Put the choice in the new energy models for the time being . So here comes the question , Hold the new energy index , How should we make a choice ? In this paper , Let's list several pure electric models with good comprehensive product power , As for the price , We choose 10 Ten thousand yuan up and down . There are so many electric vehicles in the market , Why choose 10 Ten thousand yuan ?10 Ten thousand yuan is the budget range of most consumers , besides , For many users , Out of distrust 、 Inconvenient and many other reasons , At this stage, electric vehicles only act as a means of transportation , Many small partners don't want to invest too much in electric vehicles . GAC AIAN Y Official guided price :10.46-14.86 10000 yuan model highlights : Maximum endurance 600km、 Equipped with automatic driving system

GAC AIAN Y As a new car in the near future , In the configuration 、 Good performance in terms of power , Now it has a high reputation . stay 10 10000 class pure electric models are recommended , This car has long been a regular on the recommendation list . Eyan Y Have a futuristic look , Square shape and bold blue + Orange contrast design , This makes the car quite “ Dazzling ”. Dense spoke rim 、 Concealed door handles, etc , Further strengthen the scientific and technological attributes of the car . however , I've discussed this look with my friends before , The conclusion is mixed .

In terms of interior decoration, it has taken the simple style route , The materials and colors are good . The biggest highlight in the car should be this 14.6 Inch center control screen , Which integrates 5G Entertainment function and ADiGO Driving AIDS . New car positioning compact SUV, The length, width and height of new cars are respectively 4410/1870/1645mm, Thanks to the pure electric platform , Wheelbase reached 2750mm.

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