Is it really as good as everyone said that 100000 civilians run? Listen to the owner

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really good said civilians run

One of the most popular models in the market recently , Nothing is better than GAC motor Shadow leopard . Everyone says it looks good , powerful , The price is also close to the people . that , Is GAC motor shadow leopard as good as everyone said ? Today, let's take a look at the comments of the first car owners .

Mr. Pan from Hunan only mentioned GAC motor shadow leopard for less than a week , Speaking of your car , He is still excited . He said , I am a young man who has just come out to work , I have limited savings , Choose to buy GAC motor shadow leopard , It is the result of choosing and choosing among many models . First , The appearance of GAC motor shadow leopard is very eye-catching . Aggressive front face , It's like you can hear the roar of the engine . The charming big sliding back on the side of the body , stay 10 The 10000 yuan car is quite outstanding , Like standing out from the crowd . Four outlet double exhaust at the rear of the car , There is no doubt that the irrepressible breath of sports is revealed .

interiors , The interior design style of GAC motor shadow leopard is relatively modern , It seems to have a sense of grade , No worse than the joint venture model of more than 100000 yuan , The multi screen central control large screen has a strong sense of science and Technology , The flat bottom sports steering wheel also feels great , In particular, the width of the seat is relatively wide , Softness and support are also quite good , It feels very suitable for long-distance travel . Of course , There are different opinions about the interior upholstery , What Mr. Pan likes is not necessarily right .

In space , GAC motor's shadow leopard is passable , The front seats are quite wide , The space in the back row is also quite good , Mr. Pan 1.75 The size of rice , I also feel comfortable in the back . and , The trunk of the shadow leopard is very wide , The large opening of sliding back is especially suitable for lifting and placing heavy objects and large objects . Two days ago, Mr. Pan and his family went to the supermarket to make a big purchase , The wide trunk of the shadow leopard comes in handy .

Of course , The most attractive thing about GAC motor shadow leopard , Is its super power . Officials say it's 1.5T Turbocharged engines have a maximum of 177 horsepower , Peak torque has 270 Cattle meters , Many riders can measure 100 kilometers 7 Seconds of data . Mr. Pan has been driving in the city since he picked up the car , When running fast , It feels like just a little oil , The shadow leopard can run forward in minutes , The power performance , Killed most of the cars on the road , Overtaking is as simple as drinking water . and , Shadow leopard also has a specially designed exhaust sound wave switch , When the sound starts , It's like a sports car running fast on the road . however , Mr. Pan didn't dare to open more , Because it's a little disturbing in the city , I can only wait until later to experience it on the highway . GAC motor shadow leopard deserves praise for its handling , The steering is accurate , The easier , The brake is not hard . Although due to the design of motion direction , The chassis feels a little hard , However, the filtering of fine vibration is relatively qualified . But this clear road feeling , It also makes people feel comfortable with the handling of the vehicle .

Fuel consumption in , At present, Mr. Pan's car is still a quasi new car , The fuel consumption in urban areas is between 7.5-8 about , Based on the dynamic performance of GAC motor shadow leopard , Its fuel consumption is also relatively qualified , No problem at home , After the later running in period, the fuel consumption may continue to decline . Summarize your own experience in purchasing and using GAC motor shadow leopard , Mr. Pan said , I didn't expect that domestic cars can have such a great “ Civilian supercar ” models , The price is not too expensive , It's really suitable for young people to buy , I bought it myself , I feel quite satisfied .

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