Appearance and strength coexist. You deserve the fifth generation Tousheng L

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appearance strength coexist. coexist deserve

In recent years , With the emergence of domestic independent brands , March forward bravely , The competition in the domestic automobile market is fierce . As the competition intensifies , Major automobile brands have offered great moves , Some cut prices and promote sales , Some improve quality and enrich configuration , To attract consumers .

In order to cater to domestic consumers , If car enterprises want to seize market share, they must show sincerity , To win the favor of consumers . The new fifth generation Tucson L( Parameter picture ) It is the sincere work of modern automobile to cater to consumers , Whether it can attract consumers ? Today, let's analyze this fifth generation Tucson L.

The fifth generation Tucson L The appearance of the , It looks very futuristic , The new car uses the latest family design language , Based on modern i-GMP Build the platform , The design is inspired by Vision T Concept car , And joined “Parametric Dynamics( Parametric dynamics )” Design theme . Large size trapezoidal medium mesh , The slender lamp groups on both sides are completely integrated , The butterfly wing type middle net is equipped with a larger air inlet grille , Especially the black embellishment , Make the whole vehicle look more handsome in an instant , Great visual impact . meanwhile , The fifth generation Tucson L Headlights with split design , Make the front face look more domineering .

A qualified SUV Not only have an atmospheric appearance , More need to have a strong driving force , This is inseparable from an excellent engine . The fifth generation Tucson L This one on board 1.5T The four cylinder turbocharged engine has a good performance . Maximum power up to 147kW, Peak torque 253 cattle · rice , Dynamic parameters have been compared with many 2.0T The engine is equal to the engine .

And such good power data , Thanks to the fifth generation Tucson L Carrying CVVD Continuous variable duration Technology , stay CVVD With the help of continuously variable valve duration Technology , The engine can be driven according to different driving conditions , Reasonably control the valve opening duration , While giving consideration to high efficiency and economy, it also ensures the power performance of the engine , Performance improvements can be achieved 4%、 Energy consumption reduction 5%、 Emission reduction 12%.

In terms of intelligent security , The fifth generation Tucson L Of Hyundai SmartSense The intelligent and heart in one security system has 23 term ADAS To configure , You can achieve L2+ Level auxiliary driving , There is no small improvement in security , Make the driver more safe and assured when using .

Now , The growing development of intelligent technology has brought a far-reaching impact on our daily life , The same is true for travel modes . Like many fifth generation Tucson L What the owner said , The application of intelligent technology makes their travel and lifestyle more convenient and more quality .

Technology configuration , The fifth generation Tucson L Equipped with Baidu 3.0 Intelligent networking system , It can give the driver a good interactive experience . It is worth mentioning that , The fifth generation Tucson L Our speech recognition system is very considerate , When you're driving , Say something to the vehicle, such as opening the window , I want to refuel when I wait for instructions , Intelligent systems can respond quickly .

meanwhile , The fifth generation Tucson L It is also equipped with the unique BLE Bluetooth key , After pairing and connecting with the car through the mobile phone . Users can go out without carrying car keys , You can open the door remotely with your mobile phone 、 Start the vehicle , Even when a friend borrows a car, he doesn't have to send the key , Just share your permissions through your mobile phone .

summary : The fifth generation Tucson L As a sincere work of modern automobile competing for China's automobile market , This time has brought sincere benefits to consumers , I believe that consumers will according to their own needs , Make the most correct choice to buy a car .

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