Range 75KM / standard changed Citroen AMI, new Opel rocks-e official map released

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range 75km km standard changed

In recent days, , The driving line of sight learned a group of new Opel from overseas media Rocks-e The official figure . since PSA( Peugeot Citroen Group ) After buying Opel , They began to carry out continuous commodity Integration , For example, this Opel new car , That is, with Citroen, which has been very popular recently Ami Looks very similar , go by the name of “ OEM and label car ”.

aesthetic , New car and Citroen Ami Highly similar , It is still a small and lovely shape , If you don't look at the color of the lights ( Red or white ), It's hard for you to tell which side is the front , Which side is the rear . And with Citroen Ami It also adopts double doors with reverse opening , The design is very novel . The new car is only in the brand Logo With the car body 、 Rim style, etc. with Citroen Ami Somewhat different .

interiors , The new car is mainly black , Color matching supplemented by bright yellow , It is very eye-catching and adds a lot of vitality . The overall layout is very simple , The whole car is only equipped with a small LCD instrument panel above the steering wheel , The mobile phone bracket and charging interface are reserved in the central control position . The roof is equipped with an oversized panoramic sunroof . motivation , With a new car 5.5 Kilowatt hour miniature battery pack ,WLTP The range under working conditions is only 75km, Maximum horsepower 8 horse , A top speed of 45km/h.

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