Musk is too optimistic about driverless

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musk optimistic driverless

“ Autopilot is a very 、 A very difficult question ”,Aurora The co founders are accepting 《 Pittsburgh times 》 In the interview, it was compared to ,“ It's like crossing 25 Ten thousand miles to the moon …… People should not imagine that they can land on the moon by taking a ladder ”. And behind the problem , It's about trust repair 、 The technical dilemma 、 Factional disputes and crazy money burning , When can we stop loss and profit .

author / Ren Yafei

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Autopilot , Is being tested by both public opinion and supervision .

A week ago , a 31 Year old car owner , Driving Weilai ES8 dead , The cause of the accident has not been investigated yet ,500 The owner of Weilai “ Protector ” Behavior , First push Wei Lai to the cusp of the storm , so far , Wei to APP Inside “ Joint statement against car owners ” Number of participants in the topic , Has more than 1.1 ten thousand people .

If this is a crisis public relations event belonging to Weilai automobile alone , Tesla's participation , It makes things more subtle , because , Both of these things point to , Autopilot .

8 month 16 Japan , National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) Launch an investigation into Tesla ,11 A specific accident , And all “Autopilot( Automatic assisted driving )” of . It means , For the safety of automatic and auxiliary driving related functions , It has attracted the great attention of the U. S. government .

The market responded first , On the day of the disclosure of the investigation information , Tesla's market value evaporated more than 300 Billion dollars .

Despite the fierce public opinion , But it didn't hurt Musk's confidence .

8 month 20 Tesla's first AI Japanese , Mask introduced the pure vision autopilot system. . Throughout the event , Musk's confident expression , Let the public be full of hope for the future of automatic driving technology ,“ Confident to achieve fully automatic driving , Much safer than the current human use of cameras and computers .”

To emphasize , Activity I opening , Musk released a video of Tesla driving on suburban roads under fully automatic driving , But the driver puts his left hand gently on the steering wheel all the way .

At present, various test videos emphasizing true driverless are common ,2017 Robin Li's demonstration video for Baidu unmanned vehicle , He even got a ticket on the Fifth Ring Road in Beijing .

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