Only 20% of the down payment for the 2021 RAV4 Rongfang has a grand appearance and rich configuration!

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payment rav4 rav rongfang grand

In recent days, , We learned from the dealers in Changsha that there are RAV4 Rong Fang sales , Discount for some models 0.5 Ten thousand yuan . Color options . When purchasing a car, the customer will enjoy 5000 Yuan replacement subsidy , Interested friends can go to the store to consult and buy , See the table below for details :

Compact type SUV in , Toyota RAV4 Rong Fang It's a very powerful car , From design to product power of this car , Have been affirmed by car owners , Naturally, sales are rising . Next, let's take a look at the specific performance of this car . The appearance modeling is very atmospheric , The front of the car looks very aggressive , The trapezoidal air inlet grille has a flat shape , On both sides of the logo LED The headlights are full , The detailed description of the interior light group is very clear , The silver guard of the front lip is very solid . The design of the car body has certain edges and corners , The upper edge of the window is equipped with chrome trim , Multi panel trim has a strong sense of movement , The round eyebrow is very thick .

The body side , The shape is more domineering . The window is decorated with silver trim , The grade has been improved . vehicle B/C The columns are painted in black , Create a sense of suspended roof . Wheel hub part , The multi width wheel hub design is adopted, and the large tire also provides good trafficability for the vehicle . The body size is 4600*1855*1680mm And 2690mm The wheelbase of is in line with the standard in the models of the same class , The space performance is quite good .

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