The maximum discount is 65000 yuan, starting from 253800 yuan. Is Audi A4L attractive and powerful?

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maximum discount yuan starting yuan.

A car dealer in Zhanjiang recently announced audi A4L Preferential prices in the region : Current Audi A4L The highest discount for car purchase 6.5 Ten thousand yuan ,25.38 From ten thousand yuan , The specific selling price information is shown in the figure below :

Review Audi A4L Basic information of . After this change A4L Except for the beginners 35 TFSI Only the dynamic type , The appearance of other models is provided “ Sporty ” and “ Elegant type ” Two styles , Under the same configuration, their prices are exactly the same . among “ Sporty ” Add various sports kits to the appearance , with S line identification , and “ Elegant type ” Is gentle , It looks relatively atmospheric and stable . In addition, select the new Audi in the car paint A4L Can not only belong to Audi Sport The sky cloud grey color matching of the model , It also has a gilt orange exclusive to the domestic market 、 Matador red comes in two colors . To the side of the body , It can be seen that the waist line of the front headlamp group has extended to the side of the body , It has been perfectly spliced with other waistlines , Sliding back roof 、 Multi amplitude road alloy wheel hub and highly decorated handrail combination , It further increases the visual experience of the whole vehicle in terms of turning back rate , It's better to drive out than Mercedes Benz C Level is better . The rear adopts trapezoidal tail throat and rear diffuser inspired by racing car , Make the new car more dynamic , It is worth mentioning that all new cars are equipped as standard LED The headlights are equipped with segmented daytime running lights , Driving at night is more eye-catching and chic , Segmented LED The tail lights echo the headlights , And support dynamic turn signal . interiors , The new car adopts a cockpit design that is biased towards the driver's side , Through air outlet and air outlet extending to both sides 3D The molding enhances the visual width of the interior .12.3 Inch full LCD dashboard adds 3D Reality of navigation ,10.1 Inch central control LCD integrated with the third generation MMI System , Support Audi Connect Interconnection function . The touch panel of the current model was cancelled by the new car , And change it to a storage box , Improved practicability . Entity keys + The air conditioning adjustment mode of the knob is also more convenient .30 The color interior atmosphere lamp also improves the technical feeling of the car interior again . FAW Audi brand new A4L Full system carrying 2.0 Liter turbocharged engine , Adjust three different power outputs ,35TFSI、40TFSI、45TFSI The maximum engine power of the model is 110、140 and 185 kw , In terms of peak torque, the three different engines are 270 Cattle meters 、320 Niumi and 370 Cattle meters . Transmission system , FAW Audi brand new A4L Will continue to use 7 Speed dual clutch transmission , among 40 TFSI and 45 TFSI All models are available in 4WD version ,40 TFSI quattro The model is the new FAW Audi A4L New models . There are many improvements in configuration ,12.3 Inch LCD meter is standard in the whole system , Interface UI Also redesigned . The size of the LCD screen of the central control has been upgraded to 10.1 Inch , The interior of the screen is integrated with Audi's latest MMI Car engine system , Support touch and sound feedback , And common CarPlay、CarLife And voice recognition control , According to the usage habits and needs of Chinese users , The system introduces a number of application functions designed for the Chinese market , For example, cool music can be pre installed remotely 、 Smart parking payment 、 Youxiang refueling payment and other applications .

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