The spy photos of the new BMW M5 road test are exposed, and the fuel version and plug-in hybrid models are available

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spy photos new bmw m5

Among the three German brothers , Some people prefer Mercedes Benz , Some people prefer Audi , Others prefer BMW , For BMW's double kidney design , It can be said that love has a special preference . In recent days, , A group of foreign media broke out about the new BMW M5 Road test spy photos of , At the same time, it also revealed that it will launch fuel version models , There will also be models equipped with plug-in hybrid , As soon as the news came out, it also attracted the attention and expectation of many netizens .

From the spy photo , The new car is still in a high camouflage stage , But BMW's double kidney design is clear at a glance . The headlamp adopts eagle eye design , The interior is a double pupil light source , More sharp . The double kidney shape of China open is quite compact , It gives people a taste of retro . The fog lamp area is suspected to be connected with the air inlet grille , Make the new car more sporty .

From the side of the body , The new car adopts double five width alloy wheels and has been blackened , More sporty , The gap between the wheel arch and the wheel hub is tight , It also gives this car excellent stability and grip . In the waistline design , The waistline of the new car is inclined downward , It extends all the way from the tail lamp to the lower part of the rearview mirror , Body with sliding back design , Make the new car more young and sporty .

At the back of the car , It can be seen that the rear of the new car adopts the split tail lamp design , The circular light source is more fashionable and avant-garde , A hidden exhaust port is adopted at the bottom , Make the new car more energy-saving and environmentally friendly .

In terms of motivation , According to foreign media , The new BMW M5 The fuel version of the car will be equipped with a 4.4T Of 8 Two cylinder twin turbocharged engine , Maximum power accessible 592Ps, Peak torque is 750N·m, The plug-in hybrid model adopts 8 The utility model is composed of a two cylinder turbocharged engine and a drive motor , Maximum power accessible 750Ps, Peak torque is 1000N·m; In addition, the plug-in hybrid version will be equipped with 3.0T Power system composed of in-line six cylinder engine and drive motor , Maximum power accessible 500Ps, In the future, it may be used as BMW 545e An upgraded version of the plug-in hybrid model . There is also news that the new car will also launch a pure electric version , Will be named BMW i5, Maximum power accessible 1000Ps.

Although the new car is still in the testing stage , The fastest release is expected to be next year , But through this BMW M5 In terms of power, it began to launch plug-in hybrid models , You can see , In the future, BMW's fuel vehicles may adopt this dual power or even three power option , Gradually transform to electrified vehicle enterprises .

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