Classic design meets modern technology wey retro concept car will be released at Chengdu auto show

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classic design meets modern technology

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I don't know if you've noticed , Recently, more and more car companies have begun to find another way , Try to revive the classic model , Create retro models equipped with the latest technology . The high-end super run has a new Lamborghini Countach, A tribute to the last century 80 The Legendary Super run of the s Countach. The price is close to the people's retro cars, including Euler punk cats , It's a perfect replica of the first Volkswagen Beetle , Bring this close 80 The legendary model with a long history of years is resurrected .

lately , Another vintage car has come into our view . recently ,WEY The brand released the preview of its brand-new retro styling concept car . It is reported that , The new car is positioned as SUV models , Internal code is V72. New car will be on the 8 month 27 Unveiled on Sunday , Later on 2021 Chengdu auto show officially released .

From the publicity picture, we can only see the front face of the new car , It can be seen that the appearance of the new car imitates that of the last century 40 to 50 The design of the s . Huge wheel arches are arranged side by side , Round headlights are dotted on it , It has a strong retro flavor . The engine compartment is round “ Big nose ” Design , The transverse dense stripes also come from 70 Classic elements from years ago ,WEY The brand of logo Put it right in the center , Not at all abrupt .

See this weird design , Xiaobian first thought of Chrysler's Retro model —— Rambler . This car also has a wide wheel hub and a high raised engine compartment , A lot of modern elements are integrated into the design , This makes the car look nondescript in the overall appearance , It has become recognized as one of the ugliest models .

in addition , The shape of the new car is also very similar to the appearance of Jiefang Truck in the early days of the founding of the people's Republic of China , It looks as like as two peas. .

Of course , The new car can't just copy the classic model without innovation , According to the closed network and engine compartment , The new car is likely to be a pure electric model , Great Wall's intelligent interconnection system and perfect automatic driving assistance function will also appear on the new car .

comment : Retro cars have increasingly become a fashion trend , The crystallization of the collision between classics and modern technology is even more exciting . At present, the preview only shows the front face of the new car , The new car will be officially released at Chengdu auto show , At that time, we will have a panoramic view of the new car , It's worth looking forward to .

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