The new Changan uni-t with dynamic and generous appearance was officially launched

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new changan uni-t uni dynamic

recently , We have learned from relevant channels that , The new changan UNI-T Officially listed , The new car offers 5 models , The price is 11.59-13.89 Ten thousand yuan . As a new model , Upgrade the configuration of the new car .

aesthetic , The new car uses a borderless grille , It looks very atmospheric , And the new car adopts a split LED headlamps , Make the recognition of new cars very high . meanwhile , The new car adopts a sports front surround , Three section air inlet and cooling opening below , Improves the sportiness of the whole vehicle . The body side , The lines of the new car are very smooth , There is no complicated waist line , The whole is very active , Match with the multi frame rim shape , Let the sportiness of the new car show incisively and vividly .

The rear part , The new car is equipped with a small rear spoiler , The tail light sets on both sides are sharp , With the exhaust layout of two sides and four outlets , Further improve the sense of motion of the whole vehicle .

interiors , The new car adopts the dual screen design of full LCD instrument panel and central control screen , Very in line with the current trend , With a three piece multifunction steering wheel , And the design of electronic gear handle , Enhance the sense of technology and fashion of the whole vehicle . On the whole , The interior upholstery of the new car is very high-end, high-grade . motivation , New cars will carry 1.5T The engine , Maximum power is 138kW, The maximum torque is 300N·m, matching 7 Fast double clutch gearbox . More new car information , We will continue to pay attention .

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