Sensitive data in personal car needs to be deleted. Will car data abuse end?

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sensitive data personal car needs

( The original title : The new regulations are implemented : Sensitive data in personal car can be deleted as required , Car data abuse will end ?)

Three months after the draft for comments was released ,《 Several regulations on vehicle data security management 》( hereinafter referred to as 《 Regulations 》) Formally promulgated , And make changes in many places . among , The new clause puts forward more detailed requirements , Including the deletion of automobile data required by individuals, it shall be processed within ten working days , A complaint reporting channel should be established .

Compared with the exposure draft, the shell finance reporter of the Beijing News saw , This trial 《 Regulations 》 Still advocate , Automobile data processors should adhere to “ In vehicle treatment ”、“ No collection by default ”、“ The accuracy range is applicable to ”、“ Desensitization treatment ” And other data processing principles , Reduce disorderly collection and illegal abuse of vehicle data .

Regarding this , Relevant people said , With the accelerated integration of new generation information technology and automobile industry , Smart car industry 、 The rapid development of Internet of vehicles technology , Artificial intelligence technology represented by automatic assisted driving is becoming more and more popular , Automobile data processing capacity is increasing , The exposed automobile data security problems and potential risks are prominent .

The person said , Introduce targeted rules and regulations in the field of automotive data security management , Clarify the responsibilities and obligations of vehicle data processor , Standardize automobile data processing activities , It is to prevent and resolve the security risks of automobile data 、 The need to ensure the rational and effective utilization of automobile data according to law , It is also to safeguard national security interests 、 The need to protect the legitimate rights and interests of individuals .

Cui Dongshu, Secretary General of China Passenger Transport Federation, said , With the release and implementation of regulations , Accelerating the development of intelligent electric vehicles will have better legal boundaries , This is of great significance to the development of industry norms , Prevent the risk of detours and wrong paths , It is conducive to the better development of intelligent electrification in China's automobile industry , It also standardizes the excessive development of networking .

What red lines are drawn in the new terms ?

The request to delete data shall be responded within ten working days , The abuse of car data is equally serious

Compared with 《 Solicitation draft 》, Officially released this time 《 opinion 》 The red line drawn by the new content is more clear , Among them, the car data processor processes sensitive personal information , Put forward detailed requirements , Personal request to delete , The vehicle data processor shall delete... Within ten working days .

Besides ,《 Regulations 》 A new national plan to strengthen intelligence has been added ( Internet connection ) Automobile network platform construction , Develop intelligent ( Internet connection ) Automobile network operation and safety guarantee services, etc , Cooperate with automotive data processors to enhance intelligence ( Internet connection ) Automobile network and automobile data security protection .

《 Regulations 》 call , Automobile data processor carries out automobile data processing activities , A complaint reporting channel should be established , Set up a convenient complaint reporting entrance , Handle user complaints and reports in time . The legitimate rights and interests of users or public interests are damaged by carrying out automobile data processing activities , The automobile data processor shall bear corresponding responsibilities according to law .

“ There are disorderly collection and illegal abuse of automobile data ”, Cui Dongshu told reporters , At present, relevant intelligent devices collect personal information in violation of regulations 、 Excessive claims 、 Infringement of users' rights and interests has long become a stubborn disease in the Internet industry . The automotive industry faces the same problem . Download all kinds of... From your mobile phone App, Asked to get the camera 、 location 、 Address book and so on . Then somehow received the sales 、 insurance 、 Loans and other harassing calls . Such problems and risks also exist in intelligent networked vehicles , And maybe more serious . Many drivers don't even know how personal information is leaked .

Cui Dongshu introduced , According to the estimation of the Research Institute , An autonomous test vehicle can generate up to... Data per day 10TB, Data types include vehicle driving data 、 Body data 、 Dozens of control data . When the owner is on the big screen in the car , When opening various applications , The corresponding data will also be generated .

“ It is extremely urgent to manage automobile data security ”, Cui Dongshu said , The data generated by intelligent vehicles is mainly divided into two parts , One is user data , Mainly about the user's personal privacy , For example, wechat boarding will involve user accounts and access records , The camera in the car 、 The microphone in the car may also infringe on the user's privacy . The other is vehicle data , Including geographical location 、 system information 、 Business related data .

《 Regulations 》 How will violations be monitored ?

《 Regulations 》 Pointed out that , Relevant state departments shall do a good job in the safety management and guarantee of automobile data according to their respective responsibilities , Including conducting data security assessments 、 Spot check and verification of data on outbound matters 、 intelligence ( Internet connection ) Automobile network platform construction, etc .

Relevant people said ,《 Regulations 》 Clarify that the vehicle data processor violates the provisions , By the network letter at or above the provincial level 、 Industry and information 、 Public Security 、 Transportation and other relevant departments shall act in accordance with 《 Network security law 》、《 Data security law 》 Etc 、 To be punished in accordance with the provisions of administrative regulations ; Criminal , Investigate criminal responsibility according to law .

“ Nowadays, information security is paid more and more attention by the State ”, Researcher, communication law center, China University of political science and law 、 Associate Professor Zhu Wei told the shell finance reporter , The legal rank of this regulation is relatively low , However, the national network information management department can take this as a starting point for management . Penalties not mentioned in the regulations , It can be punished and dealt with in accordance with the personal information protection law , This is of great significance for automotive data security management .

How car data should be used ?

The new regulations pay particular attention to user privacy , Automobile enterprises should protect users' right to know when using data

Shell financial reporter noticed ,《 Regulations 》 clear , The automobile data processor shall fulfill the responsibility of personal information protection , Fully protect personal information security and legitimate rights and interests . Carry out personal information processing activities , The vehicle data processor shall inform the relevant personal information in a significant way , Obtain personal consent or comply with the law 、 Other circumstances stipulated by administrative regulations .

For handling sensitive personal information , The vehicle data processor should also obtain individual consent , Meet the limited processing purpose 、 Prompt collection status 、 Specific requirements such as termination of collection or compliance with laws 、 Other requirements such as administrative regulations and mandatory national standards . Vehicle data processor has the purpose and sufficient necessity to enhance driving safety , To collect fingerprints 、 A voiceprint 、 Face 、 Biometric information such as heart rhythm .

actually , This year, 3 In June, Yang Xiaowei, deputy director of the state Internet Information Office, also mentioned when answering reporters' questions , With the coming of digital economy era , Data has become a new factor of production and social wealth has been continuously shared 、 analysis 、 utilize , The following personal privacy and security issues have also become the primary concern of the digital society .

Yang Xiaowei said , for the past several years , China continues to strengthen data security and personal privacy protection in the current environment of rapid development of big data , This includes the in-depth implementation of the network security law throughout the country , Further strengthened the policy 、 law 、 Supervision and other aspects of overall planning and coordination , So as to provide legal protection for data security and personal privacy protection at the legal level .

And there has long been a voice in the industry . This year, 3 month , Deputies to the 13th National People's Congress , Secretary of the Party committee of SAIC 、 Chen Hong, chairman of the board of directors, pointed out the insufficient prevention of data leakage of intelligent networked vehicles , It is suggested to establish an access system .

Chen Hong suggested developing a process review system , The manufacturing and sales enterprises of intelligent networked vehicles shall be required to establish a complete data security management and software upgrade process . At the same time, learn from the Internet information management system , The digital service content provided by intelligent connected vehicles also needs to be supervised and reviewed by government departments , And make clear provisions on the exit of sensitive data and personal privacy data involved .

On the premise of protecting privacy , How data should be used ?

Regarding this , Zheng Guangwei, a Chinese auto research expert, explained , For users , One of the greatest values of automotive data security related regulations is that it can manage sensitive data in personal vehicles , Data collection by operators in the past 、 Use almost skip user authorization . The information collected by users is a black box , Not to mention how to use it . This provision guarantees the user's right to use vehicle data , Users can often view their collected data , And selectively manage some data , When selling cars , You can also delete personal data in the car in advance .

Zheng Guangwei said , On the one hand, the protection of automobile data should be life-cycle , Design 、 production 、 sales 、 Operation and maintenance 、 In the process of managing cars , On the other hand, enterprises should strengthen users' right to know , It is inevitable for car companies to use big data for commercial operation , But when using data , While protecting users' right to know , Desensitize key information .

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