How can used car e-commerce get a ride after canceling relocation restrictions and expanding circulation

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used car e-commerce commerce ride

( The original title : After canceling the restrictions on relocation and expanding circulation , How to get on the used car e-commerce platform “ Policy Dongfeng ”?)

 After canceling the restrictions on relocation and expanding circulation Used car e-commerce how to get a ride

8 month 23 Japan , Minister of Commerce Wang Wentao said ,“ When car ownership reaches a certain level , The second-hand car market began to expand .” Expand the circulation of used cars , The used car market ushers in new opportunities for development . since this year on , Relevant state departments have repeatedly expressed their support for the development of the used car industry , We will abolish restrictions on the removal of used cars , It will also drive the development of used car e-commerce platform .

all the time , The nonstandard nature of used cars , Information opacity has become one of the reasons restricting the development of the industry . Smooth circulation is the first step , The after-sales link of the transaction still needs to be optimized . Insiders believe that , Promote the car from purchase management to use management , Information and digital means will be superimposed , Make the use of the whole vehicle more transparent , Dispel consumers' concerns in all aspects of automobile circulation . Besides , Need to develop and improve the assessment 、 Automobile post maintenance industry chain .

Policy support for the used car industry accelerated

“ Promote the transformation of automobile from purchase management to use management , In particular, expand the circulation of second-hand cars , I've been studying used cars these days , Promote the echelon consumption of cars 、 Recycling consumption . When car ownership reaches a certain level , The second-hand car market began to expand , This is also a law of international automobile consumption , The used car market is also a big market in the future .”8 month 23 Japan , Wang Wentao, Minister of Commerce, said at the press conference of the State Information Office .

Since last year , Relevant state departments have repeatedly expressed their support for the development of the used car industry , Get into 2021 There are a lot of actions in the past year . During the Spring Festival this year , The Ministry of Commerce clearly requires that the policy of restricting the relocation of used cars be completely abolished , And orderly cancel the administrative regulations on the purchase of automobiles .2021 The government work report also mentioned ,“ Steady increase of cars 、 Household appliances and other bulk consumption , Remove unreasonable restrictions on used car trading .”

This year, 6 month , Gao Feng, a spokesman for the Ministry of Commerce, said , In the next step, the Ministry of Commerce will promote the elimination of unreasonable restrictions on second-hand car transactions , We will accelerate the implementation of second-hand car transaction registration through cross provincial offices , Further facilitate second-hand car transactions , Improve relevant policies and measures in the field of second-hand car circulation , Continue to release the consumption potential of second-hand cars , The whole chain promotes automobile consumption , Promote the automobile market to accelerate the realization of high-quality development .

Behind the deregulation of the used car relocation restriction policy , Is the circulation of used cars blocked , Restrict the development of the industry ; Superimposed epidemic effects ,2020 In, the trading volume of second-hand cars in China fell for the first time . According to the statistics of China passenger car market information Federation ,2020 In, China completed the transaction of second-hand cars 1434 Thousands of cars , Cumulative year-on-year decline 3.91%.

Consumption recovery is superimposed with policy stimulus , The recovery of the used car market accelerated in the first half of this year . This year, 7 month , Zhu Xiaoliang, director of the Department of market operation and consumption promotion of the Ministry of Commerce, revealed , In the first half of the year, the sales of new cars increased rapidly , a 2019 Year on year growth 4.4%; The automotive aftermarket is also more active , In the first half of the year, the trading volume of used cars exceeded 840 Thousands of cars , Year-on-year growth 52.9%, The ratio between used car sales and new car sales has risen to 0.65:1.

“ In developed markets such as Europe and America, the sales of second-hand cars are usually more than twice that of new cars , At present, China is in the early stage of second-hand cars . There have been many City There is a second-hand car relocation policy , A car bought in this city can't get a license plate in another city , Restrict the development of the industry . Besides , The introduction of the national automobile to the countryside 、 Policies such as halving purchase tax are mainly aimed at new car sales , The used car support policy didn't keep up .” Zhang Xiang, researcher of automobile industry innovation research center of Northern University of technology, introduced .

Day by day COO Zhang Yanwei said ,“ Promote the car from purchase management to use management ”, Will relax all kinds of rules and restrictions on car purchase , Increase car ownership again , Expand the entire industry . And then , The used car market will also enter a period of rapid development . And use management , Information and digital means will be superimposed , Support... Through policies and systems , Make the use of the whole vehicle more transparent , Dispel consumers' concerns in all aspects of automobile circulation , Make the used car market prosperous .

With the further release of favorable policies , According to the second-hand car owned by dassou car SaaS Data display of the system windmill , National medium and large used car dealers 2021 In the first half of the year, the overall trading volume increased significantly year-on-year , The average monthly trading volume increased 99.17%. Cai Xu, chief marketing officer of cheyipai, judged that ,“ The used car market will usher in 10-15 A dividend period of two years ”.

The industry is scattered 、 Platform differentiation , It's hard for a family to be the only one

The second-hand car industry has ushered in a favorable policy period , However, the development of used car e-commerce platform is quite different .“ The industry has developed rapidly in recent years , However, the development of several platforms is different from what they publicized in those years , Each platform has encountered problems to varying degrees .” Internet watcher Jiading Daoshi said .

The war in the used car e-commerce industry started in 2015 year , stay 2018 Peaked in .2018 year 3 month , Melon seed used car announced to be 8 Billion beauty element C Round of funding ;4 month , Renren announced that it had won 3 A new round of investment of US $billion ;6 At the beginning of , Youxin used car announced to go to the United States IPO; And then , The car purchase treasure is finished 8 RMB 100 million D News of round financing . On the same day , The car shooting is also announced to be completed every day 1 $ D1 Round of funding .

After the online traffic encounters a bottleneck ,2019 Around the year , Industry players have touched offline , Develop new retail , But many players are disappointed , The industry began to divide .2019 Beginning of the year , Everyone's car is in the storm of layoffs , For a time, I was depressed .2019 Since the end of the year , Chezhibao is trapped “ Fail to pay wages ”“ layoffs ”“ cheat ”“ The dear one is gone and the chamber remains deserted ” And so on .2020 year 3 month , Youxin group slimmed down again ,58 In the same city 1.05 US $billion acquisition of assets related to youxinpai business .

That year 5 month , Melon seed used car parent company car group completed 2 $billion additional financing . Acquired “ Garage 168”、“ The porter ”、 Acquisition of used cars B2B After the trading platform car is easy to shoot , That year 6 month , The big search car announced the completion of Beijing M & A of Yunyang Information Technology Co., Ltd . That year 10 month , Auto home has invested more in shooting cars every day 1.68 Billion dollars , So as to speed up the development of both sides in the field of second-hand car trading .

Get into 2021 year , Although the industry is not as hot as before , Is also rejuvenated . This year, 6 month , Youxinyu Wei to Capital and joy capital sign the financing agreement , The potential total is up to 3.15 Billion dollars .7 month ,58 The city announced that it had reached in-depth cooperation with Renren car , In the future, Renren car will continue to go deep into the used car industry , Everyone gets new blood .

Although there are many players in the industry , But in the face of the whole used car industry , There are still a few vehicles traded through used car e-commerce . China Automobile Circulation Association data shows 2020 In, domestic second-hand cars were still traded by individuals + Brokerage mode is the main mode , among 4S Group share 8.2%, Proportion of car dealer sales 36.6%, Proportion of personal transactions 55.2%.

Zhang Xiang said , Previously, the domestic used car platform has not developed , The domestic second-hand car market lacks mature large-scale second-hand car national chain enterprises .

“ New cars gradually enter the stock market , Used cars will usher in new development opportunities . In recent years, there are still players entering the field of used cars , This track still has a chance . The industry is developing in a decentralized manner , There will be multiple platforms competing in the industry , The future will also be such a development .” According to Ding Daoshi .

The development of second-hand cars needs the support of the industrial chain

“ The advantage of used cars lies in the price , As a fresh graduate , Used cars are economical , But used cars are deep , Vehicle condition and other information are not transparent , There was a lot of chaos in the industry reported in the news before . therefore , I still have doubts about second-hand car consumption .” Fuzhou Mr. Cai said .

For a long time , The used car industry has always been the hardest hit area for consumer complaints . The deposit 、 Service fees and other refunds , Warranty and other after-sales problems , Hide the condition of the car 、 Second hand cars have been widely criticized for fraud such as routine loans . Used cars are non-standard , The situation of one vehicle leads to the information asymmetry between the two sides of the transaction , A series of transaction disputes lead to insufficient consumer trust .

According to Ding Daoshi , Used car platform is still an important channel , Problems such as after-sales service have always existed . Automobile is a standardized industrial product , Used cars are non standardized industrial products , Non standardized industrial products or commodities cannot develop on a large scale and rapidly like other Internet industries .

The used car industry has received policy support , There are still many ways to go . Zhang Xiang said that the consumption concept of domestic people is different from that of foreign countries , Domestic used car consumption environment has not yet formed . Some used car platforms are opaque , Bad user experience , Low consumer satisfaction . Used car after-sales is also a problem , There is no guarantee for the after-sales of old models , Although used cars are cheaper , But the maintenance cost is relatively high .

Day by day COO Zhang Yanwei said ,“ With the advancement of national policies , The source of used cars will be greatly released , These vehicles flow into the market , Based on the characteristics of one vehicle, one condition and one price , There must be auction services that can reach the national market ; Auction services are gradually promoted across provinces in the country 、 Under the promotion of policies such as standardizing the circulation of second-hand car market , It will transport the source of vehicles to all corners of the country , By operators adapted to the local market , Sell to consumers . And the standardization of use management , It can also make the whole vehicle condition more transparent , Dispel doubts in the development of second-hand cars .”

before , AI media consulting report believes that , Automobile insurance should be driven by the development of second-hand car market 、 credit 、 lease 、 The auction 、 assessment 、 substitution 、 beauty 、 maintenance 、 The development of a series of related automobile service industries such as spare parts supply , Form a more perfect automobile post industrial chain , Ensure the healthy and stable development of the automobile market .

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