The target is that the output will account for 10% in 2030, and Russia will accelerate the development of electric vehicles

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target output account russia accelerate

In recent days, , The Russian government has approved an electric vehicle development strategy , Plan to 2030 end of the year , Its electric vehicle output has reached... Of the overall vehicle output 10%. According to the Information Office of the Russian government , The strategy is expected to cost 5910 Billion rubles (80 Billion beauty element ).

 The goal is 2030 The annual output accounts for 10% Russia accelerates the development of electric vehicles

It is reported that , In the first phase of the strategy , from 2021 Year to 2024 year , Russia plans to have at least 25000 An electric car is driving on the road , And will establish 9000 Multiple charging stations . meanwhile , To encourage consumers to buy 、 Use electric cars , The government will provide incentives , Including preferential loan and lease terms . Besides , from 2022 Year begins , Electric cars will run free on Russian toll roads .

According to... Headquartered in Moscow Vygon Consulting The data of , As one of the largest oil and gas producers in the world , At present, the ownership of electric vehicles in Russia accounts for only... Of its total passenger vehicles 0.2%.

The Russian government said ,“ Many countries have announced , They want to give up using internal combustion engine vehicles . Obviously , Electric vehicles and vehicles with more environmentally friendly power will be the development trend in the future , We need more positive development in this field .”

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