In addition to Toyota's fourth generation th hybrid system, how many black technologies does the second generation GAC motor gs8 have?

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addition toyota fourth generation th

recently , Second generation The kei GS8 Official exposure , With its domineering appearance and the first Toyota fourth generation THS The hybrid system has received extensive attention in the industry . in fact , In addition to these , Second generation trumpchi GS8 He also has a lot of black technology, which is unknown . In recent days, , GAC motor held the second-generation GAC motor GS8 Technical tasting meeting , The manufacturer showed us the second-generation trumpchi one by one GS8 Many high-tech .

GPMA You must have heard about the modular architecture of GAC global platform ,GPMA The architecture actually contains R and L Two sub platforms , among GPMA-L The platform is for medium-sized enterprises / Flagship platform for medium and large products ,L It means Large( Large space ) and Luxury( luxury ), It uses a front transverse engine layout , It can have two driving forms of front drive and four-wheel drive , Compatible fuel 、HEV、PHEV、48V Light mixed system , At the same time, it has ultimate comfort 、 High luxury 、 Large space 、 Four features of high performance . The new second generation GS8 It is based on GPMA Under the modular architecture of GAC global platform L Platform to build , Compared to the previous generation GS8, The new second generation GS8 Overall driving comfort is improved 24%、 Steering response increased 28.3%、 The stiffness of the braking system is improved 30%、 Braking efficiency improvement 5%、 The response time of 4WD system is improved 25%, The overall handling performance has been greatly improved .

In addition to the advantages of the platform , Power is also the new second generation GS8 One of the highlights of black Technology . The new second generation GS8 It has two different power combinations: fuel version and hybrid version , Among them, the fuel version is equipped with JuLang power 2.0TGDI The engine + The latest generation of Aisin 8AT powertrain , The most powerful 185kW, The maximum torque is increased to 400N·m. The hybrid version is equipped with 2.0TM The engine + Toyota fourth generation THS Hybrid power system , This is also the first Chinese brand to carry Toyota's fourth generation THS Hybrid models , Thanks to the strongest power combination at the same level , Its 100km acceleration only needs 6.9 second , The fuel consumption is as low as 5.3L/100km, As a medium-sized SUV, Such acceleration performance and fuel saving performance are in the leading position in the same level .

As for chassis adjustment, GAC motor has always been forced to adjust the chassis , The new second generation GS8 In the hardware configuration of the chassis 、 Design 、 All-round optimization has been carried out in terms of adjustment and calibration , It is adjusted through a series of optimization , Make the new second generation GS8 The chassis is more stable , Faster and more accurate steering response , The lateral stiffness is more sufficient . And equipped with Bosch's latest ESP 9.3 System , Large brake discs and high-performance tires are used , Make the new second generation GS8 The braking distance is shorter .

Another black technology is “AVDC Shadow rider ”, This name may be the first time you have heard of , In fact, it is adaptive vehicle dynamic control system , It is also the first in the industry , It is through vertical control 、 Lateral control 、 The adaptive dynamic control of the vehicle is realized by driver type recognition and driving correction . For example, under congested conditions , The system will control the reduction of vehicle throttle sensitivity 、 Turn in and slow down 、 Turn out and accelerate , So as to achieve the dynamic operation of the whole vehicle with the best scheme .

In terms of active and passive safety , The new second generation GS8 achieve 2021 edition C-NCAP Five stars and C-IASI Standards of excellence , It has a 27 A wealth of active security intelligence technologies , At the same time, ultra-high strength steel and ultra-high strength hot formed steel are in the new second generation GS8 It is widely used in , Compared with the previous generation model, the body stiffness is improved 25%. Detective Che has something to say about the first generation of trumpchi GS8 since 2016 Since its launch in , It broke the independent brand 20 Million price ceiling , Leading Chinese brands up the road , And with the hard core strength leading the same level , Rewriting the market pattern . And the second generation trumpchi GS8 From the appearance , Then to the announcement of Technology , Once again, I gave you surprises again and again , In the middle and high-end of independent brands SUV Camp , The kei GS8 There is no doubt about your strength , Even compared to joint venture brands , The kei GS8 Also don't lose the wind , The future performance is like this. Let's look forward to it !

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