There is no discount at the moment, starting from 232900 yuan. Is the appearance of Buick GL8 new car at the peak?

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discount moment starting yuan. yuan

A car dealer in Guangzhou recently announced buick GL8 Preferential prices in the region : Current Buick GL8 There is no discount for car purchase ,23.29 From ten thousand yuan , The specific selling price information is shown in the figure below :

Review Buick GL8 Basic information of . buick GL8 Follow the Buick family look , The shield shaped smoked air intake network is connected with sharp headlights on both sides , Highlight a trace of domineering and athletic breath . Side words , The three versions are similar , They are relatively square MPV modelling , It is worth mentioning that the groove of the side sliding door adopts a hidden design , Worthy of praise . The design of the tail is simpler , There is only one through chrome trim connected to the left and right . Come into the car , Simple and lively design style , The center console has been completely redesigned , double 12.3 The suspension design of inch instrument and central control panel not only reflects the infinite extension of dynamic modeling , It also brings a more three-dimensional and avant-garde visual impression . The three row seats are made of imported top-grade cowhide , The leather making and stitching techniques are quite exquisite , Meet one of the high-grade requirements MPV Toad skin positioning . meanwhile , The car adopts double 12.3 Inch full LCD instrument and central control screen , Single screen resolution up to 1920×720, Excellent display effect . among , The full LCD instrument provides classic and digital view modes , It can display real-time dynamic prompt of road , You can also switch to classic maps 、 Digital map and full screen map have many map navigation modes . motivation , The new car is equipped with a 2.0T Turbocharged engine , Maximum power from 237 horsepower , The power output is still very good . In terms of configuration , Equipped with HD streaming media, interior rearview mirror, HD 360 Degree panoramic image system and method SBZA Side blind area early warning system APA Based on the automatic parking system, add ACC Adaptive cruise control system LKA Lane keeping system LDW Lane Departure Warning FDI Prompt for the distance between vehicles in front FCA Front collision warning system CMB Multiple active safety configurations such as collision mitigation system .

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