Double view RV pearl blue interior B-type car to travel around

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double view rv pearl blue

A pearl blue interior from the two view RV B Type of rv , Use of vehicles V90 The extended shaft is made of ultra-high top chassis , Vehicle price 35.8 Ten thousand yuan .

In terms of dynamic parameters , The vehicle is equipped with 2.0T Displacement diesel engine , matching 6 Speed automatic transmission , The most powerful 148kW, Peak torque 375N·m, Front and rear drive , Meet the national six emission standards .

The body size is 5940*2110*2755mm, Curb weight 3592kg, The outside of the body is equipped with 3*2.5m Manual sunshade 、 External shower 、 Outside the kitchen 、 floodlight 、 Conventional RV charging port 、 Water injection port and other facilities .

The seats in the car are made of 2+2+1 Layout form , Co driver's double seat , And can be carried out with the main driver 180 The rotation of the degree of , Form linkage with the rear vehicle reception area . The interior is in pearl blue , The overall effect is very fresh .

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