Young people who haven't bought a car don't worry. The new Passat will be on the market, with double-sided holes and L2 + automatic driving

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young people haven bought car

2021 year 7 month 17 Japan , We welcome 2021( The 25th ) The Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Grand Bay auto show officially opened , Although its scale is not as big as Shanghai Auto Show , But there are also many new models , Among them, the most concerned is the new Passat family brought by SAIC Volkswagen brand . For this name , I think no one in China will be strange , Because it is worthy of B Class car industry “ The king ” Known as the , It has been on the market so far 21 Year , Experienced 6 Next generation and super 20 The next change , It's just so many upgrades , Only in this way can we always maintain excellent product strength , Harvest super 300 The favor of 10000 car owners .

Now , We saw the new Passat family after Huanxin upgrade , What surprises will it bring ? After all, we all know that Passat is a business gene, more , But now the main consumer group has become young people , Therefore, the integration of new design aesthetics and fashion trends , To be younger 、 Redefine the classic new Passat in a diversified way , It's worth knowing , Especially when it is about to go public , Today, let's talk with the help of a real car .

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