How can the joint venture new energy compete with China after 121900 Chevy Changxun subsidies for 2021 model

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joint venture new energy compete

In recent days, , We learned in Kaifeng, Henan province that , Chevrolet's new energy models 2021 paragraph Changxun has certain subsidies , At present, the discount is up to 3.8 Ten thousand yuan , Naked car prices as low as 12.19 Ten thousand yuan . We also photographed 2021 A real car picture of Chevrolet patrol , Let's see .

aesthetic , It looks sci-fi and fresh . Front part , The common closed air inlet grille design of electric vehicle type is adopted , The headlights on both sides are sharp , And equipped with daytime running lights , It effectively stretches the lateral visual width of the new car . The lines above the hood are smooth , It has a bit of home flavor .

The body side , The design of waistline is more remarkable , Make its body not bulky , It has a visual stretching effect . The window line part is painted in black , Extend to the tail , Create the effect of suspended roof .

Tail shape , The design of lines is rich , Outline a good sense of hierarchy . Rear part , Unique in form , Internal clarity , It has a relatively good recognition .

The interior , Suspended central control 、 Liquid crystal instruments are available , It has a relatively good technology configuration . Details , It continues the comfortable seat design of American cars , The internal grade has been significantly improved .

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