Add fuel to the fire and release your passion. Look at this Mercedes Benz G500!

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add fuel release passion. passion

Since the original Mercedes Benz factory announced that Mercedes Benz G500 After temporary shutdown , Global Mercedes Benz G500 The price is going up , It is very common to increase the price by hundreds of thousands . And Mercedes Benz launched a special model for China —— Mercedes G350 It was controversial when it was launched , Shrunk 2.0T The engine , People don't like it . Although it's big G The price threshold has dropped , But consumers don't seem to pay , Most people are still interested in Mercedes Benz G500 show special preference to . So today , Just use this car BOP Mercedes Benz with matte clothes G500 Special edition , See how it adds a fire to you , Ignite your passion !

In appearance , This kind of G500 The most impressive , It is its exclusive Matt zirconium quartz red car paint , Warm tone appearance + Blackened decoration , Make this car look cool and cool . It ignites the effect of passion , Better than average G500 Several times stronger , The color of this car paint is indispensable ! Three spoke grille and round headlights , It still has a strong retro flavor , And China open 、 The bumper and other parts are blackened , Make it look full of fighting . Some people say Mercedes Benz is big G It's a square box , But there are many rounded design elements on the car , For example, the headache is the circular design , The contrast visual sense makes people more impressed by it .

Different from the appearance of the moving atmosphere , The designer asked this car G500 The interior of the presents a very high sense of quality . The air outlet of the air conditioner presents a vortex fan shape , It's like seeing a small aircraft engine , Very compelling . The central control position adopts double 12.3 Inch integrated Dalian screen , Make this car full of full sense of Technology . Many small details of the interior , All reflect the tonal design matching with the unique paint of this car , For example, wear a red seat belt , Truly achieve the internal and external integration design . There's a Mercedes in the middle G A proud former 、 in 、 after “ Three differential locks ”, Although maybe a lot of people until they sell their cars , Will not use one of these three locks , however ! With these three locks , Mercedes Benz big G Namely YYDS!

As for power performance , This special edition

Mercedes G500( Parameters | picture ), There is no shrinkage 4.0T V8 Twin turbocharged engines , Can burst out the greatest 421 horsepower + Maximum torque is reached 610Nm. Match a 9 Speed manual transmission , The official acceleration time of this car is 5.9 second . Maybe some fans will say , This achievement doesn't seem to be great , But ah , This is a self weight 2.5 Tons of cars ! Such a behemoth can have such acceleration ability , Isn't it scary ?

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