Optimize a number of system details, Gaohe hiphi x OTA upgrade

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optimize number details gaohe hiphi

[ Car home New energy ]  recently , We learned from the official of Gaohe automobile , Gao He HiPhi X( Parameters | inquiry ) stay 8 month 26 Day is coming OTA upgrade , Upgrade to HiPhi OS 1.2.0. this OTA The optimization includes improving the detail settings 、 Door system 、 The motor / Operating mode of charging system 、 Memory settings 、 Auxiliary driving settings 、 A number of adjustments, including the entertainment system , Optimize the user's car experience , Improve the overall vehicle quality .

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Detail settings : Improve the Bluetooth connection of mobile phone 、 Face recognition success rate , Open the tailgate when locking the vehicle , The rear compartment provides lighting ;

Door system : Improve the recognition rate of moving obstacles , Reduce collision probability , The time for judging the rainfall delay to prohibit the opening of the top wing door is determined by 30 Seconds to 3 minute , Avoid mistakenly opening the top wing door in light rain ;

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  Optimize vehicle motor performance 、 Charging system : It can automatically identify the fault of charging pile , And report... Through the instrument , The charging temperature is too high , System automatic current limiting protection , Optimize the working mode of the motor , Improve overall endurance ;

System memory ability : Driving mode 、 Paddle function, etc HiPhi Account memory , Emergency lane keeping 、 Multiple settings such as transparent chassis follow the vehicle memory , The dash cam can be accessed via U Disk export ;

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Auxiliary driving settings : Intelligent lane changing assistance supports fishbone line lane changing , The speed range consists of 80-130km/h Expand to 50-130km/h, Change the left side of the steering wheel Touchpad below HiPhi Pilot Physical keys trigger ICC/ACC,ICC/ACC Start at the current vehicle speed , And through the left Touchpad Adjust the speed and distance ,WHUD The height adjustment range of the head up display is increased 30mm.

Entertainment system :QQ Music new text search 、 Ranking List 、 Song list square and other functions , Himalaya default priority playback, high quality, etc , Optimize iqiyi VIP Account main and auxiliary screens are synchronized .

 Chinese express Gao He HiPhi X 2021 paragraph Founding Edition 6 seat

 Chinese express Gao He HiPhi X 2021 paragraph Founding Edition 6 seat

Gao He HiPhi X It is the first mass production model of Gaohe automobile , On 2021 year 3 Official listing at the end of the month , The new car currently has four models on sale , Price range: 57-80 Ten thousand yuan . The whole series is equipped with four-wheel drive as standard 、 Four wheel steering 、 Six door electric NT Flapping doors , Diversified technology and luxury configurations enrich consumers' choices , Interested friends can also step by step test drive articles to understand :《 The rise of new species Test drive Gaohe HiPhi X Founding Edition 》.( writing / Car home Jiang Tianshuang )

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