The mango monsoon theater drove into the fast lane

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mango monsoon theater drove fast

2021 year 8 month 26 The Journal | Total number 2608 period

In recent days, , TV viewers and mangoes TV The non member audience welcomed 《 I'm fine in a foreign country 》 The finale .

“ The heart is cloudless , Birds are tired , With the wind and the evening mist, I hope the world will be sunny , I put my hometown through my heart .” Get rid of the incomparably realistic social texture , Complete a decent expression with logical strokes , song 《 Out of town 》 The lyrics of this sentence are quite eye-catching .

young “ North drift ” The real living conditions of , Except that the parties know , I'm afraid people can only stimulate their eyes in those controversial film and television dramas in the past 、 In a short video focusing on selling anxiety , and 《 I'm fine in a foreign country 》 It breaks the inherent creative mode of female group drama and urban workplace drama , Show reality in a way 、 Look at the attitude of reality , It deeply analyzes the practical difficulties of young people . This is its greatest value in content creation and influence .

As Gao Changli, director of the TV drama department of the State Administration of radio, film and television, said , The creator's attitude towards life determines whether he can make a good realistic work ,“ Contemporaneity ” This is the new idea of the play , It expresses the tenacity of contemporary young people and their love for Beijing . Mango monsoon should insist on making diversified themes 、 A short and concise boutique play .

Up to now ,《 I'm fine in a foreign country 》 premiere 38 The sky is still hot , Compared with the long drama broadcast in the same period . Current score of Douban 8.3, There are more than 14 Ten thousand people participated in scoring .

Early last year , The General Administration issued 《 Notice on Further Strengthening the production and management of online TV series 》, Take a clear stand against content flooding , The number and length of specification sets are required . Mango monsoon theater competes in the dazzling theater of each platform , rely on 《 wolfer 》《 What a lie 》《 I'm fine in a foreign country 》 Three short plays of different styles have gained a firm foothold .

Theater change , welcome “ The upheaval ”

In people's traditional impression , Hunan Satellite TV and mango TV Our series has always been consistent with their own brand tone , To be younger 、 Idolized , It left a lot of good memories for the audience .

With the change of policy orientation and market environment , If we continue to stick to the previous creative mode , It means that it is likely to fall behind in the increasingly competitive long video platform .

Change is imperative .

“ Subvert the long play , Subvert the suspension expression , Subvert traffic dependence , Bring a new atmosphere ”, Last year, Hunan Radio and television held 2021 Big screen ecological value sharing meeting , First exposure “ Mango monsoon project ” Use three in a slogan “ subversion ”, It embodies Hunan Satellite TV and mango TV The determination to innovate the show .

This year, 5 month 24 Japan , A rare film on the market 8 An anti poaching drama 《 wolfer 》 In Hunan Satellite TV and mango TV go online , The mango monsoon kicked off . This film is thick “ Rough wind ” The works of , Give full play to Director Cao Dun's consistently outstanding image style , It intuitively shows the cruelty and greatness of ecological environment protection to the audience . most important of all , Highly stylized 《 wolfer 》 It sends the most obvious signal to the audience and the industry : Mango ushered in 100% “ The upheaval ”.

Mango. TV General manager of film and Television Center 、 Tang fan, general manager of mango film and Television Culture Co., Ltd., said in an interview earlier ,《 wolfer 》 Appearance , It's like a red thing suddenly turns green , It's a very different style change .

And then , The first non fictional lie detection drama in China 《 What a lie 》 Broadcast at Mango monsoon theater , The real three-dimensional depiction of a female lie detector satisfies the curiosity of the audience , At the same time, it contains insight into social problems .

if 《 wolfer 》 In the image, it achieves the sense of drama and film that people think of , that 《 What a lie 》 This expectation is fulfilled at the actor's performance level . Both works avoid the dream making attribute of film and television dramas , Break the audience's stereotype of mango drama with a realistic attitude .

This realistic creative style , With 《 I'm fine in a foreign country 》 The launch of has been fully reflected again .

Don't write “ Vampire ” Parents , Don't write about immoral scum men , Don't write , Discover young actors with acting skills and attitude ,《 I'm fine in a foreign country 》 Chose a non utilitarian way of creation , Avoid falling into “ Hot search drama ” My creative pattern , Win the applause of the audience .

Party secretary of mango hypermedia 、 Chairman Zhang Huali said when summing up experience at the seminar , Literary and artistic creation cannot be capitalized 、 Flow coerces . For the quality of the show , Creators must come up with standards that go beyond experience 、 Planning and production .

actually , such “ All staff are sincere ” The power and explosiveness of , It is expected to bring a new wind to the long depressed creative atmosphere of National Opera , So as to lead the drastic changes in the industry .

What's interesting is that ,《 I'm fine in a foreign country 》 When you go online , It is the audience's interest in domestic dramas “ suspension 、 Not grounded ” The most violent stage of criticism . This play shows us what we want to see most , To some extent, it leads the aesthetic change of the audience , It gives people a pleasant feeling of drought and rain .

so , From platform style , To the creation of Chinese opera , Then to the audience aesthetic , Mango monsoon theater has achieved leadership in three levels “ The upheaval ” The purpose of .

“ The suspense ”“ women ” Theme meeting , Content supply is not lame

“ The company will adhere to the high threshold long video development strategy , Give full play to the advantages of self-made content and the synergy of upstream and downstream businesses of the whole industrial chain .” stay 5 Mango super media in January 2020 At the annual general meeting of shareholders , Chairman Zhang Huali said , Mango hypermedia will adhere to the above strategy , Committed to breaking the circle from multiple business areas . among “ Breaking circle ” One of the directions is to increase the scale of male users .

Cai Huaijun, general manager of mango hypermedia, also believes that ,“ Facing the possible risks of the market , We need to before the membership growth reaches the ceiling , Find a new growth curve .”

all the time , Mango. TV It is famous for deep cultivation of female users , Sweet favorite play 、 Costume plays and young actors have always been the only magic weapon for the platform to attract female users . As the market environment changes , Optimize the proportion of users , Became a mango TV The inevitable choice of development , The mango monsoon undoubtedly undertakes this mission .

It can be seen from the plays that have been broadcast so far , Mango monsoon is not a typical type of theater , It keeps up with the creative trend and the market trend , No restrictions on the subject matter , It's a short and concise boutique play .

《 wolfer 》 It's male “ Dirty handsome ” style , It can be described as a clear stream of male images on the current screen ; And heavy suspense reasoning 《 What a lie 》 Women are obviously ;《 I'm fine in a foreign country 》 Although it's a female group drama , But the unbiased portrayal of male images is also gratifying , The realistic stroke of not creating Gender Opposition makes it gain the love of multiple groups .

“ Suspense ” and “ Female themes ” It can be said that they are the two types with the highest attention in the current drama market . Mango Monsoon's three plays are not only innovative in type , Also found the expression discretion of hot topics .

Mango monsoon is like an experimental field of type innovation , We'll explore different types of themes next , It is believed that their emergence can provide mango TV The development of user groups provides greater imagination space .

One season, one trend : New brands look back

“ On type , With short and concise episodes, it includes high-energy plot and full emotion ; On the theme , Choose a new vanguard perspective , Deeply connect the current social hot topics , Create original works with strong Chinese style ; In terms of arrangement , Give full play to Hunan Satellite TV and mango TV Dual platform tonality , take ‘9+X’ In the mode of (9 The TV series runs through the dual platform all year round ,X This online play lands on mango from time to time TV), So as to create the first domestic network linked weekly short drama in a new form .”

It can be seen from the official exposition of mango monsoon theater , The theater is not a product of following the trend , But mango super media combines Hunan Satellite TV and mango TV The initiative of seeking innovation and change with the characteristics of dual platforms .

From the theater dimension , Mango monsoon theater is really easy to associate with various theaters on other platforms , But untyping happens to be its maximum formal identification .

《 wolfer 》《 What a lie 》《 I'm fine in a foreign country 》 Three boutique short plays are broadcast one after another , The content is given to the audience “ More real 、 More 、 Closer to the audience ” The impression of , Created a personalized brand .

before , Tang fan envisaged in an interview , Mango. TV Will be based on content in the future , Make clearer theatrical brand packaging . such as , Distinguish by season , Combine dramas with similar themes and types . besides , Mango monsoon theater's first pure online play 《 Tianmu crisis 》 It was also broadcast yesterday , The style of suspense soft science fiction is refreshing .

so , From the planning of mango monsoon , To the methodology of pursuing realistic texture , Then to the idea of dividing by seasons , The theatrical exploration of mango hypermedia has achieved initial results , And constantly seeking innovation , Strive to find a new way different from the past .

Next , Mango monsoon will also continue its consistent realistic style , Continue to provide high-quality content for the audience . such as , Focus on women's awakening and growth in marriage 《 Wife's choice 》, Take Beijing opera as the starting point 、 Focus on the midlife crisis 《 Zhang Weiguo's summer 》, And about to 8 month 30 The mother-in-law and daughter-in-law play broadcast on the th 《 Mother-in-law's bracelet 》 wait .

《 I'm fine in a foreign country 》 On the closing day , The official microblog released a group of plot posters , And a caption ,“ When the monsoon passes , It is the day when you and I meet again .” a phrase with a double meaning , Say goodbye to the audience .

The old play is over , The new play set sail . Mango. TV The scene that blew up “ Drama wind ”, It's worth looking forward to .

【 writing / Xu Xinqiang 】

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