Tank 500: little brother's net red road, copy is over?

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tank little brother red road

In today's ,“ online celebrity ” This word seems to contain more derogatory meaning . All kinds of online celebrities can always become “ News maker ”; The so-called net red punch in is really just suitable for punch in ; Net red shop is reduced to a large extent as a means for businesses to collect money .

And when a car becomes the of the car circle “ online celebrity ”, Is it good or bad ? In the past six months or more , tanks 300 There is no doubt that “ Rim net red ”, But also “ Top flow net red ”, At least “ High quality in vehicle industry SUV” The level of , So that tanks 300 The shortage of supply and demand makes people suspect that there is a real lack of production capacity , Or the hunger marketing of car enterprises . The end result is , tanks 300 The second-hand price of has exceeded the price of its new car , Become worthy of the name “ Wealth management products ”.

In such a hot background , The tank brand has changed from WEY Independent from the brand , And the tank was launched at this year's Shanghai auto show 700 And tanks 800 Two flagship models . According to the model planning of tank brand , Odd models are mainly hardline off-road vehicles , Even models will focus on business luxury , But all will use non load bearing body .

Just yesterday , Tanks that have released official maps 600 Officially renamed tank 500, And said that the new car will integrate business luxury and hardline off-road . In terms of design alone , tanks 500 Obviously, it's still the business luxury style , A large number of chrome plated decorations on the front of the car are in line with the audience of the car “ luxury ” Two word understanding .

stay “ Dolls are justice ” In front of the car design , tanks 500 Didn't show much and tanks 300 Close to the design . Round head and round head style , It reminds people of the Great Wall cannon . Or to be frank , Reminiscent of Toyota's smooth road , Since this design has been moved from the pickup truck of the Great Wall gun to the tank 500 On this SUV , Toyota Sequoia should sneeze .

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