Good car recommendation: 2021 Mercedes Benz class A, dynamic shape, advanced materials, straight down 20000, exciting?

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good car recommendation mercedes benz

about BBA Speaking of , As a luxury brand , On the way to build a car, it's natural how luxury comes , But the end result is ,BBA The price is too expensive , The average working class can't afford , And these talents are the largest consumer group . In order to increase the sales of its models ,BBA There are also entry-level models , BMW, for example 1 system 、 audi A3L、 Mercedes A level . Today's good car recommendation is Mercedes Benz A The magnitude of , Although not as good C Strong sense of grade , But a Mercedes Benz standard may have attracted the attention of many consumers , The editor also learned about the preferential conditions locally .

The appearance is very avant-garde and fashionable , The proportion of the car body is very harmonious , The flat air inlet grille at the front of the car adopts concave treatment , The Mercedes Benz Xinghui standard is equipped with strong chrome plated trim strips on both sides , The degree of recognition is very high . On both sides of the front LED The headlights are sharp , The shape of the three-stage air inlet is very atmospheric . The lines of the car body are very straight , The waist line is above the door handle , Stretch the body very flexibly . The edges of the windows are outlined with chrome trim , Show the sense of class of Mercedes Benz .

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