The first silver standard SUV Wuling Xingchen officially went offline in batches and was officially listed in the third quarter

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silver standard suv wuling xingchen

recently , The driving sight is learned from SAIC GM Wuling , Its first Wuling global silver standard strategic grade SUV—— Wuling star officially went offline in batches . It is worth mentioning that , Xingchen is also the second model with silver standard under Wuling brand . before , The new car has appeared at the Shanghai Auto Show , It is expected to open pre-sale in Chengdu auto show .

Review the appearance , The front face of the star adopts a large-size flying wing medium net , The interior of the grille is decorated with a gradient parameter matrix , It has a strong sense of delicacy . In detail , New Wuling global silver standard LOGO Place in the center of the grille , Chrome plated strips extend from both sides and are connected with the headlamp , The visual level widens the look of the front face .

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