There is also a "despise chain" in car making

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“ Everyone has a place .”

Reporter Cui Liwen

Editor in charge: Xu Jinkai

Editor Zhu Jinbin

“ chain , It's a rope , A tribe , An organization ; And despise , It's a relative relationship .”

Although unwilling to admit , But for any relatively mature and complete plate at present ,“ Despise the chain ” Are objective things . In it , There is no face at all , The law of the jungle is the most direct law of survival , Which is stronger or weaker is clear at a glance .


Instead, focus on the automotive industry , The huge wave of electric transformation is surging , In this sea area that has just changed from red to blue , Regardless of the major brands that want a share , Still looking for gold 、 Transformation and many executives or ordinary employees who really want to make a difference , Without exception, they fall into a new chain of contempt .

Struggle 、 hesitation 、 breakthrough 、 Freshmen , Under the blessing of various complex situations and moods , Some people are getting better with their strong adaptability , Some people have not found the direction of breakthrough and are stagnant , Some people completely lose themselves and fall into the abyss .

as time goes on , Division of classes and echelons , Is quietly completing . meanwhile , The threshold of the whole new energy industry , Also in the continuous lengthening of the despise chain , Become more and more towering .


Already formed “ Despise the chain ”

Just past 7 month , Several new forces in the head echelon , At the same time, the delivery was announced . Without exception , They have achieved their own best results in history . among , Wei to 、 Xiao peng 、 Ideal , As the top three without any dispute , Firmly in the leading position .


They are lucky , After successfully getting through the dark , After gaining the recognition of more and more users , Onlookers can finally appreciate their posture as the current leader .

“ honestly , Now the chain of contempt in the whole industry has been formed . Having a first mover advantage ‘ Wei Xiaoli ’, Look down on the traditional car companies that are still among the elephants ; And those who have launched independent new energy brands are old guns , And despise the companies that enter and build cars under the name of smart phones ; The latter despises having plenty of money , But the real estate car with impure motives ; Next , The lower position is the company with the background of home appliances ; Bottom , Those travel enterprises with special needs .”

Such a slightly interesting point of view , Internal personnel from a new faction . In his eyes , Due to the radical reform of the rules of the whole industry , Inevitably, it began to put all the car companies in it , Divided into different echelons .

At the top of the chain of contempt , It must be the best Wei Lai at present 、 Xiao peng 、 Ideal . The three, to some extent , It can already be compared with the long-term occupation of half of the luxury car market BBA.


Next , Polar krypton 、 Haze map 、 Be wise 、 Salon , Including the public 、 Mercedes 、 BMW 、 audi , These have accumulated a certain amount of power , In the process of switching to the new energy track , Still in the exploratory stage . Due to the inability to completely abandon the traditional fuel plate , There are still considerable profits , I can't see them yet All in The full strength of electrification .

Third echelon , It's similar to Xiaomi 、 Huawei 、OPPO like , Has been in the smartphone industry to gain a firm foothold , Technology giants with abundant cash flow , In order to pursue broader development prospects , Eager to cut into the car building plate . It's just , When the track is overcrowded , And I don't have any relevant experience , Whether it can succeed again , There's going to be a big question mark .

after , Evergrande 、 Baoneng and other real estate developers who once started rapidly by taking advantage of the dividend of the times , After the original plate gradually shows the trend of sunset , Chose new energy vehicles, a new industry that is still in the sunrise stage . How , From the various operations shown at present , It always gives people a feeling of barbarism and disorder .


It's like Skyworth 、 gree 、 Beautiful , Enterprises whose main business is concentrated in the home appliance sector , Is in a lower position . They are involved in the automotive industry , More people feel that the original plate has fallen into a bottleneck , Development gradually began to slow down , Forced to transform .

Despise the end of the chain , It's a matter of goods 、 Didi's travel company , The announcement of car building is only to meet the actual needs of their original fields .

To be fair , This complete set of statements and speeches , There's a point . It's just , It's important to note that , Even if the chain of contempt has been formed , But the role in each ring is not fixed , But with the actual performance of each auto enterprise , There is always the possibility of moving up or down . Want to climb to the top of the whole chain of contempt , need “ Born to die ” The ability of . weak person , Destined to gradually fall to the bottom .


Those who left , Come back

Time back to two years ago , When Weilai's share price approaches the delisting red line , The whole industry began to look down on this non-traditional car enterprise that can only live by burning money . meanwhile , Those young people who once had full expectations of it , Finally chose to leave Wei Lai .


No one expected , Good luck , Fate dictates , At the critical moment, Hefei municipal government chose to rescue , Make Li Bin successfully take off “ The worst person ” The title of . The following story is well known , After successfully surviving the darkest days , Wei Lai began to become more and more powerful .

Market value breakthrough 800 Billion dollars 、 The gross profit margin of the whole vehicle continues to be positive 、 Monthly delivery is approaching 1 Than mark , Obviously, Wei Lai proved with actual performance that , Out of ICU ICU . When the wind begins to reverse , Those young people who left Weilai , Back again .

And zoom in , Return to Wei Lai as an example , Behind it is a battle in the new energy vehicle industry “ Rob war ” Restart . In this , Although once again attracted the attention of car circle talents , The chain of contempt also exists clearly .

“ they , I don't want to be born in a traditional car company , Instead, they all like software .” See Zhang Fan again , He has left the University for nearly three years , He came from a mechanical major , After graduation, he naturally entered a traditional automobile company in Shanghai , As an engineer .


Get into 2021 Years later , After seeing the technology enterprises represented by Xiaomi enter the bureau to build cars , a huge sum of money “ hiring ” The news kept coming out , Zhang Fan seems to smell “ job-hopping ” The opportunity of . But after trying , But I feel malice coming on my face .

by comparison , Qiao Yi, who majored in electronics and majored in visual image processing , After graduation, I chose a completely different development path from Zhang Fan . Although there are risks when measured by the node at that time , But eventually entered a new car making force in Shanghai , Responsible for the work of automatic driving algorithm class .

Again , In the face of another cross-border car making technology giant throwing out “ Olive branch ”, Joe passed the interview quite smoothly , And her three-year working experience in new forces , Instead, it has become a lot of companies that are robbing people , Something quite valued . Whether admitted or not , In this chain of contempt for talent , The origin of the new forces is undoubtedly higher than that of the traditional car enterprises .

“ Today, , The mobility of automotive talents , More is flowing to new energy 、 Intelligent 、 Networking 、 Automatic driving and other technological frontiers .” By chance , When browsing the microblog , Suddenly saw such a sentence . Combined with the examples listed in this paragraph , More and more can feel : Whether you can adapt to , A new era has come . So I can understand , Why did Zhu Jiang, former vice president of user development of Weilai, join Ford to take charge of Mustang Mach-E The project is less than a year , Choose to leave again . And according to rumors , His next stop is Baidu and Geely “ Set degree ”.


similarly , The Internet has also sent out hundreds of millions of sky high prices for Xiaomi cars ,“ lure away the employees of another company/organization by making attractive offers ” Hu Zhengnan, President of Geely Automobile Research Institute , It is rumored that Su Jing, President of Huawei intelligent driving, will soon join Weilai . Although the rumors were eventually refuted , But there is no wind and no waves in the rim , Everyone knows .

Behind the phenomenon , There is no doubt that a new chain of contempt has been exposed again . When technology giants come in with a lot of money , In order to reach an agreement quickly “ Plug and play ” Our car making team , It is generally very generous . In front of interests , More talents must flow here .

After talking with some auto related employees , Find the ideal job search sequence behind the basic consensus : The new forces of the head echelon > Technology giants build cars across borders > The independent new energy brand launched by traditional automobile enterprises > Traditional car companies > The rest .

And that's why , Once despised Wei Lai , At the moment, it has become in the eyes of many people “ The bestselling ”, Racking their brains to get on this fast ship . This chain of disdain about talent , Once again, it indicates that the whole automobile industry is beginning to be completely subverted .


Car making , Really need a threshold

that , Many despise the meaning of the chain , What is it ? The answer I can give is : Disguised to the whole new energy vehicle sector , Set a higher hard threshold .


In other words , It's like beiteng 、 singularity 、 Promising , Already struggling 、 Even the name will not be mentioned again , Even lost his sentence “ Death ” Right car companies , Over time , Although it gradually disappeared in this cruel knockout , But in the course of its short life , It still consumes and wastes a lot of industry resources , Finally left a ground of chicken feathers .

The most fundamental reason behind , Or when the last round of new vents came , There is no clear measure , This has caused many speculators to fish in troubled waters . Defraud the state of new energy subsidies , Use the name of building cars to raise their share price , borrow A00 The first-class low-speed mini car takes government financing , Similar chaos , in the past 5 There were frequent .

Once there was a picture of nearly a hundred early innovation forces in the column , today , How many brands are there LOGO Still exist , Continue the original intention of building a car ? The answer must be ironic . And most car companies , Nothing more than a flash in the pan with their own purposes . Of course , For any industry that is still in its infancy , Will inevitably experience a relatively chaotic period of pain . And despise the emergence of the chain , In a way , It also means that it is moving towards maturity .

thankfully , Judging from the new energy sales released by the passenger Federation month by month , The market is rising at a surprising rate month on month . As a few car companies that despise the top of the chain , The founders also shouted out their own phased goals .


Wei to , At the next node , To work with BBA Achieve “ Four parts of the world ”; Xiao peng , stay 2025 First tier cities in China , Smart car + The proportion of electric vehicles will be the proportion of new vehicles 60%, Smart cars account for 60% More than half of ; Ideal , In the same year, I want to have 20% market share , Become the first intelligent electric vehicle enterprise in China , No accident, that is 160 Million new car sales .

Behind the heroic words , Perhaps what most people hear is the impending conceit , Too optimistic about the electrification process of China's automobile industry , But in my eyes , Since it exists at the top of the chain of contempt , It should have such a vision and pattern . After all , They are the key brands that determine the height of the whole ceiling .

Look at those brands at the end , The choice before him is extremely simple . When the threshold of car building begins to become higher and higher , Or try to survive , Jump up ; Or blame yourself , Fall rapidly .


“ Everyone has a place .”

The movie 《 Snow country train 》 There is such an impressive saying . The biggest feeling of Tong film is , When resources become increasingly limited , Only the strong can gradually enter the head carriage with better living conditions , And the weak can only die in the carriage at the end .

At the moment , For all new forces to build cars , It's not like being on a high-speed train ? Final , It seems that only the real strong , To find the right place for yourself . And this chain of contempt , I hope it's broken .

This article is excerpted from 《 Car commune 》 The magazine 7、8 Monthly cover story .


Cui Liwen

Love car as life ,

I love electric cars more ~



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