If you are driving on the highway for the first time, you should know all these points!

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driving highway time know points

For novice drivers , The most important thing on the road is to get on the highway for the first time , Because all cars are running at high speed , In addition to paying attention, you need to be highly focused , We should also guard against the fact that individuals are not subject to traffic regulations , Otherwise, accidents are easy to happen . therefore , If you're driving on the highway for the first time , You need to know these points .


Check the car condition

Before getting on the highway , We should carefully check the overall condition of the car , Especially whether the lights are normal , brake 、 Whether the tires are reliable and whether various fluids are sufficient , Avoid breaking down on the first half of the highway , Novice drivers are even more flustered .


Accompanied by the old driver

Novices get on the highway , First of all, you should know whether you are still in the internship period , If it is , Then you need to paste the internship sign on the back of the car , You have to be accompanied by an old driver who has been driving for more than three years , It would be safer . Otherwise, according to 《 Regulations on the application and use of motor vehicle driver's license 》 The first 79 The relevant provisions of article , The driver will be punished with 200 A fine of $ .


Avoid tortoise speed

The highest speed limit in China is basically 120km/h, We must follow the speed limit , Although you can't overspeed , But you can't go fast . It's safest to follow the traffic flow at high speed , Whether it is fast or not will only affect the passage of other vehicles , Not only cause accidents , Also illegal . Because on the highway , When the car behind you is in the same lane, you can't see in advance that you are driving slowly , When you find out , It's too late to brake , It will lead to vicious traffic accidents .


Miss the exit and move on

On the highway , Many novice drivers are not familiar with the road conditions and are easy to miss the exit , In this way, you can only walk a long distance to come back . We must not park directly at the exit of the Expressway , Reverse or even reverse , It's a very dangerous act , The easiest and safest way is to move on to the next exit .


Pay attention to the observation and speed when entering and leaving the ramp

When entering the carriageway from the ramp , You need to turn on the turn signal in advance , And pay attention to the vehicles behind , Drive in after confirming safety , Then quickly speed up to keep up with the traffic rhythm . Never ignore whether there is a car coming from the rear , Just go straight up the driveway , So the rear car can't react , It is very easy to cause serious rear end collision .


keep a safe distance

On the highway , When the speed exceeds 100km/h when , It should be kept in the same lane as the vehicle in front 100 Distance over meters , The vehicle speed is lower than 100km/h, The distance from the vehicle in front of the same lane can be appropriately shortened , But the minimum distance shall not be less than 50 rice . If it rains 、 snow 、 Riding in bad weather such as fog , More need to increase the distance between vehicles , Such an emergency ( For example, the emergency brake of the front car ) To have enough reaction time and distance .

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