Is the price cheaper than Harvard and Chang'an? Comment on 4 joint venture SUVs with good quality and low price

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SUV It has always been an important part of the market segment , In a very competitive market , There is often no shortage of outstanding products . For example, Japanese brand Toyota RAV4、 Honda CR-V、 Nissan Qijun et al , All models with good sales performance in the subdivided fields , But the price is still not low , So if we reduce the budget a little, there will be no joint venture models to choose ? It's not , Under the rise of our own brand , Many joint venture brands still have to cut prices to meet . Let's introduce some , Besides, they also have good terminal discounts .

Friends who are familiar with modern times are so high , Design , It has always been my specialty . In this paragraph On the new Tucson , It is reflected incisively and vividly . Front face , Apply the family new design language . To be fair , Quite a bit of a concept, that is, the feeling of mass production . Layered body layout , similar T V-shaped chrome plated air intake grille , meanwhile , Addition of large area stacked chromium plating , It gives people a strong visual impact . Split headlamp combination , Further deepened the positioning of its main sports avant-garde .

Side design , It also highlights the full sharp and radical flavor . Smoky suspended roof , The front and back are designed with protruding wheel eyebrows , Make it look more hardline and low lying . Tail shape , It's also my favorite place . Apply the continuous tail lamp combination to , And the interior of the lamp groups on both sides also adopts the design of Eagle Claw style , Especially when lit , It has a good echo effect with the front face . With the lower silver bumper , And bilateral total double outlet exhaust , High sense of grade

Interior texture and shape , There are also higher requirements . Fortunately, the new Tucson L To keep pace with the times , Although not as radical as the appearance , But it did achieve a full sense of avant-garde technology . The embracing central control layout runs through it ,10.4 Inch LCD screen 、10.25 Inch LCD dashboard 、 Combination of push-button gear handle and suspended steering wheel , It has reached the level of luxury cars . In addition, the system supports QQ music 、 Baidu map and many other functions , Excellent intelligence is also Tousheng L True portrayal .

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