New car, with German flavor "Wuling Hongguang", analyzes the new city of Mercedes Benz, but actually changes its standard Renault?

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new car german flavor wuling

writing : Understand the original car Emperor Gao shuaipeng

[ Understand the original car Emperor product ] After several rounds of espionage exposure and official preview release , Mercedes Benz has officially released its new generation Citan. Although the front of the car is hung with shining “ Trident ” Auto Logos , However, in fact, the car is positioned as a commercial model overseas , And launch Tourer Passenger version and VAN The shipping version is available in two versions , And the pure electric version eCitan. Continue the previous generation Citan technology roadmap , The new car continues to be based on Renault Kangoo Model platform development , The two cars are sister models to each other . Foreign media predict that the starting price of the car will be 2.38 Less than 10000 euros ( renminbi 18 Ten thousand yuan of the following ), And then in 9 Open the reservation overseas in the middle of June .

New features :

The overall appearance can still be seen Kangoo Shadow

The tail lamp group treatment has a Mercedes Benz family style , Match the graph Tourer Passenger transport version

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