Crown is helpless this time! Toyota was devastated to see it

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crown helpless time toyota devastated

The strength level between Toyota and Citroen is actually quite close , Competition between Japanese cars and legal cars in the field of medium and large cars , It must be for everyone to wait and see . There is no need to say more about the popularity of Toyota Crown , Citroen wants to challenge Toyota's crown position , We still need to show some sincerity . The crown is helpless this time ! Toyota was devastated to see Citroen's new car , Less than 19 ten thousand , Toyota can't eat .

Comparative analysis at the level of front face design , Citroen C6 Our designers still have ideas , The design part of the air inlet grille , The performance of this Citroen new car is really good enough . Toyota Crown has encountered such a competitor , It also seems a little helpless . Citroen C6 When facing Japanese cars , Dominance in appearance and appearance , It's really the envy of Toyota Crown .

To the comparative analysis of the side of the car body , This Citroen C6 The expressiveness in terms of vehicle length and wheelbase data is really extraordinary , There is a fierce competition between French cars and Japanese cars in terms of body parameter level . Toyota Crown's rival Citroen C6 It's really strong , In terms of performance of vehicle length and wheelbase data , The performance of this Citroen new car is impeccable , Toyota Crown has met a strong enemy .

Interior design level , This Citroen C6 The size of the central control screen is very satisfactory , And in modeling design , Citroen's new car is really personalized . The shape design of the gear handle is also this Citroen C6 An endless link , Toyota Crown faces such competitors , In terms of interior layout, there is no chance to surpass . The duel between French and Japanese cars in terms of interior layout , The strength between the two sides is unpredictable .

In the rear part of the body design , This Citroen new car adopts a dazzling fashion design , The tail lamp design does have some merits . Legal and Japanese cars in tail lamp design , A very close contest was launched . In terms of comparative analysis of engine displacement level , Citroen C6 With the 1.8T A turbocharged engine , In terms of displacement level , Far from the Toyota Crown .

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