Will rotor engine technology return? Mazda applied for registration of several groups of brand-new trademarks

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rotor engine technology return mazda

Mazda has been rumored for several years to bring rotor engine technology back to the car world , Earlier, it was reported that he was in charge of electric cars MX-30 An extended range version may be introduced , Use a rotor engine to drive a generator to generate electric energy , And become the power source of electric motor , Make the pure electric endurance more excellent . In recent days, foreign media even on the website of Japan's franchise office , I noticed that the original factory had already submitted eight trademark registration applications , contain 「e-SKYACTIV R-Energy」、「e-SKYACTIV R-HEV」、「e-SKYACTIV R-EV」 And other seemingly brand-new pure electric power technology , among R Seeming and Rotary Rotor internal combustion engine can not get rid of the relationship , It also makes the outside world look forward to Mazda's future power technology !

literally ,「e-SKYACTIV R-HEV」、「e-SKYACTIV R-EV」 It should be brand pure electric and hybrid system , In addition to the electric motor, it is also expected to be equipped with an incremental rotor engine . as for 「e-SKYACTIV R-Energy」 It is speculated that it may be the previous rumor that the hydrogen fuel rotor engine system , It mainly uses hydrogen as fuel to replace gasoline , In exchange for the effect of zero carbon emission . In addition, totems similar to rotor shape may be the trademark of the above three groups of new power systems .

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