2022 "Tuda" is on sale in Thailand, all of which are 2.3t diesel engine + 4WD, about RMB 230000!

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tuda sale thailand 2.3t diesel

Recently, Xiaobian got a big news from the front , Nissan's new generation “ Toda ” Officially listed in Thailand , Great changes have taken place in the appearance and interior of the new car , And the traditional drum brake has been replaced by disc brake , If it is introduced into China in the future , Then it will inevitably bring impact to the same level ! below , Let's take a look at this Thai version “ Toda ” What changes have brought us !

The appearance design of the whole car is basically no different from that of the Middle East version ! Conventional V-motion The grille has also been upgraded to 3.0! So in addition to the conventional visual perception , The whole front face also presents a stepped shape , So the whole looks more powerful ! Including before and after the new car LOGO They also adopt a brand-new shape that can be lit ! The whole system is equipped with multi-layer matrix LED Headlights , Plus the blessing of vertical light sources below , It's not inferior to the tulle series ! And the front surround of the whole car is also strengthened .

Compared with the side , The front shape of this car can only be called “ appetizer ”. Let's look at it from the side , The design of the whole waistline is very simple and smooth , But along with the wheel eyebrow, there is an arched waist line , It looks very powerful and fashionable ! So in this car , We still see many elements of modeling design ! On the tail , Black elements are also added inside the lamp cavity , And it is pierced by an arched decorative strip , This also makes the whole rear more consistent . It is worth mentioning that this car adopts 6 Two different color designs , This is also a display of humanization .

On the interior , The new generation of Tuda will provide red and black 、 Black rice and pure black are available in three interior colors , The layout of the central control area is clear and regular , And some physical keys are reserved , Thus, it is more conducive to the daily convenient operation of the driver ! From the overall layout , The new car also integrates the elements of legal cars , So that the shape of the whole interior is no longer old-fashioned , So even if you have it to press the road, it's a good choice . And with a large leather package , Add chrome trim , It also creates a very luxurious feeling .

At present, this model is listed in Thailand “ Toda ” The whole system is only equipped with 2.3T Dual turbocharged diesel engine , Its maximum horsepower is 190 horsepower , Peak torque 450 cattle · rice , And what matches that is 7 Speed automatic transmission , Full-time four-wheel drive system , The drum brake has also been replaced with a disc brake , The new car is expected to be officially introduced into China next year , I wonder if this car can bring a glimmer of vitality to Nissan , We'll see .

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