Audi's strength, luxury and atmosphere, equipped with 2.0T, there is no reason not to choose it

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audi strength luxury atmosphere equipped

The car Xiao Bian brought to you today is a luxury family car , It's Audi A6L This model is a car owned by Audi , It has been changed in the medium term , There are many fans in the market , This model is also a popular luxury car in the market , Because of the excellent sales performance of this model , Let Xiaobian pay attention to it , So today Xiaobian wants to take a look at this model with you .

First , As a model of Audi, its appearance design , Maintain the luxury car model of the Audi family , Its front uses the iconic geometric design of the Audi family , And carries the Audi logo logo, Make this model look recognizable .

The side view of the car , The side windows of this model are made of chrome , And it shows a sense of luxury , The slender body adds a lot of luxury versions to this model . In the design of the tail , The design of this model is particularly exquisite , The tail is integrated with a personalized design .

Come to the interior of this model , The whole building in the car is really very luxurious , The conductor has reached 5 mido , The width of the car has reached 1 rice 8, Car height reaches 1 rice 4, Wheelbase reached 3 rice , Its space is particularly spacious , The layout of the seats inside is very regular , in addition , It is this model that has an excellent central control screen on the central console , It shows a sense of luxury , Make this model more exquisite .

In terms of motivation , This model is equipped with 2.0T High and low power engines , This engine can explode 190 Horsepower and 225 horsepower , And in terms of torque , You can achieve 326 Niumi and 356 Cattle meters , The transmission uses 7 Double clutch gearbox , Comprehensive fuel consumption of the Ministry of industry and information technology of this model 6.8L.

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