BYD's "electric fit" is on fire! 33 cars are ordered in one minute. Does Wuling car need to cool down?

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byd electric fit cars ordered

A few years ago, if you wanted to buy a small car , Honda fit and Volkswagen POLO It must be an option that can't be bypassed , But in recent years, Wuling Hongguang MINI EV It is not difficult to see that , In the future, family scooters must be the world of new energy , After all, electric cars are getting cheaper and cheaper now , The key is to have lower use cost and better driving experience , Why not do it ? BYD, which has been successful in the field of medium and high-end pure electricity , Now it also aims at the field of entry-level family cars , BYD dolphins came into being .

As BYD e platform 3.0 The first model of , BYD dolphin positioning small hatchback , Will be in 8 month 29 It was officially listed during the Chengdu auto show on the th . Previously, the new car has been pre sold , The pre-sale price after comprehensive subsidy is 9.68-12.48 Ten thousand yuan , From the pre-sale effect , It broke through in an hour 2000 car , An average of one minute 33 car , It can be seen that BYD dolphins are hot , Judging from such a predetermined situation , BYD dolphin is expected to be the next pure electric in the future “ Hot style ”. that , What is the charm of this new car to attract consumers to place orders ? Next, let's take a look at the highlights of BYD dolphins .

First of all, in terms of size , The length, width and height of BYD dolphins are 4070(4125)/1770/1570mm, It's about the same size as Honda Fit , But thanks to the pure electric platform , The dolphin's wheelbase has reached 2700mm, Like Honda Civic , Not only show “ The car also has large space ” Characteristics , At the same time, it brings a significant improvement in comfort . In addition, we can fully feel from its name , It uses bionic design , Every detail of the car body looks round , The front grille is a black closed design , Outboard with U Type a light belt , Then match with headlights and daytime running lights with similar shapes , It looks very cute .

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