The listing price range of new bj80 models in Beijing is 3599-438000 yuan

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listing price range new bj80

recently , The driving line of sight is learned from relevant channels , Beijing BJ80( Parameter picture ) Three new models , It includes a 2.3T Models and 2 paragraph 3.0T models . Price range: 35.99-43.80 Ten thousand yuan .

Review the appearance of the new car , The overall shape of the new car is consistent with that of other models on sale , The overall shape is square , Show a good tough guy . The front face is equipped with rectangular air inlet grille , The headlights on both sides adopt retro modeling design . In terms of size , The length, width and height of new cars are respectively 4765mm/1955mm/1985mm, The wheelbase is 2800mm. Body side and rear , New cars are often decorated with straight lines , External spare tire is provided at the rear , There's a hardline cross-country flavor everywhere .

motivation ,2.3T Maximum engine power 170kW, Peak torque 345N·m, matching 6 Speed automatic transmission .3.0T V6 Maximum engine power 206kW, Peak torque 420N·m, matching 8 Speed automatic transmission . At the same time, all models are equipped with time-sharing 4WD system , And have snow 、 motion 、 comfortable 、 Four economic driving modes .

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